Co-options to Compass Youth Organising Committee

Compass Youth is open to all members of Compass aged under 31 years old. We have recently campaigned around youth unemployment, unfair tuition fees and about making politics relevant to young people. We hope to campaign around tax dodgers and the cuts to the Education Maintenance Allowance this year and we would like your help.

Our Compass Youth Organising Committee is seeking to co-opt up to four new members in the coming weeks. If you are aged under 31 and feel you want to get involved in organising our campaigns with us this is an ideal opportunity to join our vibrant and active committee. We are looking for young Compass members who feel they are able to offer us skills and support in the important 'behind the scenes' work.

If you are interested in this opportunity or want to know more please email a short statement of around 250 words about who you are and why you want to get involved by Thursday 9 December. This is open to all members of Compass aged under 31 but we are particularly keen to hear from women applicants and younger members. You don't need to have any previous committee experience - just a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for building the 'good society'.

Compass Youth expresses concern at ’17 year high’ in Graduate Unemployment

The Higher Education Careers Services Unit’s report highlights the silent disaster facing young people in the jobs market. The report covered 82% of those who completed an undergraduate degree last summer and live in the UK. In January 2010, 1 in 11 of those graduates were unemployed, although we know many more have taken work in non-graduate jobs like checkouts and bar staff. The proportion of graduates working in retail and catering rose by 3.8 points to 14.4% – about one in seven.

All this comes after the publishing of the Browne Review which is an unmitigated disaster for young people. Fear of debt is already a major factor in deterring even the brightest school-leavers from poorer families from going to University. Adding tens of thousand to the current average debt of £23,000 will make this situation much worse, in effect excluding many from average backgrounds from the top universities and the most expensive courses. We call on the government to reject the Browne Review in light of the graduate unemployment figures, it is wrong to charge us more for our education when the chances of us getting graduate employment has now fallen to 62.4% according to today’s Higher Education Careers Service Unit report.
Compass Youth has been campaigning on this issue of graduate unemployment over the past year with our campaign ‘All Skilled Up, All Doled Up’. We may be “an army of youngsters with nothing to do and nothing to lose”, but we are all skilled up. When we know that youth unemployment costs us £100 million a month, we know it’s time to stop the unemployed becoming permanently unemployable. Experiencing unemployment when young increases the chances of being long-term unemployed which is the wrong message to send out when we should be trying to develop a growth strategy and rebuild our economy.

We’re the generation that thought we had it all until the crisis showed us our dreams were built on a house of cards. Nothing to show for and confused about our future. From teens into NEETS. From generation Y to generation why.