Slumpwise is an online platform dedicated to showcasing the options available to young people looking for work. Whether you’re a student worried about the next step, a recent graduate struggling to find your feet on a career path, or a 20-something in a job you don’t like, new alternatives are constantly emerging. And with these alternatives, comes opportunity. Sign up for the first online event: ‘Creative Solutions To Youth Under Employment,’ at from 2-4pm Saturday June 12th. A panel of 18 experts has been assembled, carefully selected because of the innovative and enterprising approaches they have adopted to youth enterprise (expert panel list at Some are innovative entrepreneurs, others have adopted a fresh approach to recruitment, and some have even developed new approaches to ‘work’ altogether. They will all be your answering questions online from 2-4pm at Compass Youth Chair Noel Hatch will be an expert on the panel. More than just talk, Slumpwise is a platform for productive action and collaboration – for people to take advantage of what new initiatives and ways of approaching work are offering. Times are changing and, in light of new thinking and action, youth under employment is a problem that in some ways has been transformed into an opportunity. With the range of opportunities emerging, you don’t have to have a job to be working and developing your skills and experience; you don’t have to do a job you don’t enjoy; you needn’t be scared of starting your own enterprise. Don’t believe it? Join the Slumpwise panel from 2pm on Saturday June 12th and ask the experts directly. To ensure your question is answered in the allocated time, submit a question in advance to with the name of the expert it’s directed at. Alternatively, leave the name off and the most suitable candidate to answer will be selected. Alternative article with quote: A group of graduates are launching a new online platform dedicated to helping young people find work. The project, called Slumpwise, is the brainchild of Open Society, a collective of 18- to 25-year-olds that seeks to generate work and develop first-hand experience for participants, by collaborating to create and deliver independent projects. The Slumpwise launch is Saturday June 12th 14:00-16:00, and includes an online panel discussion with 16 selected experts on "Creative Solutions To Youth Under Employment". (See the full expert panel on the Open Society blog.) To ask a specific question of the panel, email questions in advance to Anyone can take part in the live online discussion by signing up at on Saturday 12th June, between 14:00-16:00. Says Tom, co-founder of Open Society, "We feel that Slumpwise offers a great opportunity to students, particularly those graduating this year, who feel they are unsure about work after leaving university. By collecting a wide range of alternative work, work experience and enterprise options in one place,we hope to at least forearm students with their full range of options. Slumpwise was borne out of the shared experience of a number of friends and I; it was only through months of research with Open Society that we realised there are so many options out there for young people to combat under-employment and do more, but these options have a tendency to below-profile and isolated. We want to make more young people aware of them." Shorter article: The options available to a young person out of work or under employed are changing: don't take our word for it, sign up and ask our Expert Panel on Saturday June 12th from 2-4pm at
Each panelist has been directly involved in addressing the problem of youth under employment creatively, whether that is by innovative entrepreneurship, adopting a fresh approach to recruitment, or by developing new approaches to 'work' altogether. If you’re a graduating student thinking about what to do next, a 20-something stuck in a job you don’t like, or simply looking to gain direct work experience in a new industry, Slumpwise has options for you. Sign up at from 2-4pm Saturday June 12th to find out more. It is an open event, so anyone can invite friends. See here.