We know how important the campaign for Londoners to be paid the living wage is. We produced a toolkit to help our activists make this happen where they study and work.

The London Living Wage (LLW) is a London weighted minimum wage, which takes into account the higher living costs of London. The figure currently stands at £7.60 per hour; £1.87 above the National Minimum Wage. Since its launch back in 2001, the campaign has put an estimated £24 million back in the pockets of low-waged workers.

We praise councils and public sector agencies across London who are paying the living wage to young people on work placements supported by the Future Jobs Fund.

We call for this to be extended to all work placements, including internships and apprenticeships.

Organisations such as the London Development Agency, London Youth, the ippr and the Seventeen Group are blazing the trail by paying interns the living wage.

Even the organisation that represents recruiters concedes that ideally an intern should receive "the London living wage (where applicable)".

So what we are waiting for? Shouldn't we start campaigning for all young people in London to get paid the living wage?

Want to get involved in our campaign on youth unemployment All Doled Up. What will you pledge?

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Flat Fee Recruitment said...

I completely agree London's lower wages are a joke. Its impossible to live on minimum wage in london now, the cost of just getting to work and back is more the 10% of your wage.