Compass Oxford is a forum for debate committed to the goals of the democratic left at Oxford University. Its purpose is to fill a gap in the Oxford political landscape by offering a space for plural dialogue on the future of the left, born from the convictions that:

* Both Old Labour and New Labour have had their day.

* The future of the democratic left will only be as strong as its intellectual foundations.

The group seeks to act as a vessel by means of which the varied backgrounds and perspectives of the Oxford academic community can contribute to the necessary and inevitable debate on a new social contract for the 2010s, on a new ideological framework at the juncture between liberalism and socialism. It does not claim to offer definitive answers, but strives to open up new fields of debate by bringing together a cross-section of the democratic left, limited to no one political party or ideology. It also publishes a termly academic journal, the Oxford Left Review.

Compass Oxford is the campus branch of Compass Youth, an autonomous organisation within the pressure group and think tank, Compass. The principal object of Compass Youth is to promote debate and discussion of ideas and values, initially as set out in the Compass founding document, with a view to developing a programme for a progressive government.