Spending most of my time preparing and facilitating our All Doled Up session on youth unemployment, I didn't get a chance to catch many of the sessions nor tweet about ours at the Progressive London conference yesterday.

Anyway, the rest of the time I spent catching up with friends and meeting new ones @pickledpolitics @UpRiseFestival @nusbc @samtarry @rowenna_davis @gemmatumelty @tommilleruk @ben_so @mydavidcameron @bieneosa @davidtaylor85 @speckl @benfolley @johannhari101 @ULU_President @EllieCRobinson @IDontDoTwitta @leejamesbrown @fio_edwards and others.

Anyway as I didn't make most of the sessions, I thought I'd check the #prolondon twitter stream to see what the crowds were talking about, here's what I caught:

Some of the juicy issues

UpRiseFestival Lots of talk about the importance of a collective voice against racism - a view that we share. #prolondon

@BorisWatch Laurie Penny making the forceful point that women can and do blog, and get worse treatment. Both true. #prolondon

The ideas for the future

@SamTarry Buzzing ideas in @compassyouth session at #proLDN conference on youth unemployment: - hope some radical empowering campaigns come out of it!

The soundbites to take away

@kerryabel 'We need to become a society that celebrates not just tolerates' #prolondon

The speakers that inspired us

@pennyred Had a great day at #prolondon, feeling really energised and inspired for the first time in ages. Bonnie Greer blew me away.

The mad mix of sessions

@wilassie Thanks for people tweeting from environment session; wish I could be in two sessions at once... #prolondon

@liannedemello This is gonna be supremely difficult - I want to be in the climate change, the electoral reform and public spending #prolondon

@pickledpolitics In fact the entire #ProLondon conference is packed out. Lots of ppl interested in where the left is headed.

The tasty lunch

@ktcita Best conference lunch ever Thank you #prolondon good people didn't want to leave

@kerrabel I am doing the cloakroom at #prolondon. People just don't want to leave.

What do we when faced with rhetoric versus reality...

@EllieCRobinson Harriet rocks!Great Hill report and obviously tory policy is bad. But what is labour actually gonna DO to reduce inequality? #proLDN

Well, we could start with stopping…

@political_animal Mehdi Hasan of New Statesman: stop this triangulated nonsense about how our cuts will be nicer than your cuts. #prolondon


@tomcarolan You lose the argument when you purely define yourself in terms of your enemy. #prolondon

...and instead focus on

Investment not cuts! Let's #invest in the future of this society by investing in young people at #HigherEducation. #ProLondon Conf, 30th jan

...and when we do put our ideas forward, what happens when...

@speckl Found myself heckling @EdMilibandMP again, this time at #prolondon. Sorry, Ed. It's never really answer my questions.

But maybe we're forgetting something?

@EllieCRobinson #proLondon ed milliband - one of the problems is we only talk to ourselves. Need more outreach

@wiilassie Sunder: would like pluralism in *campaign* not coalitions formed in smoke-filled rooms after votes counted. #prolondon

And the question that’s on everyone’s lips, will Ken be London’s next mayor?

@benfolley Good to hear Jon Cruddas introduce Ken Livingstone as "London's next mayor" at #ProLondon this afternoon

So, what will you pledge?

The lessons we learnt

Sunny (@pickledpolitics) encouraging people to pass on stories to blogs - don't have to start your own #prolondon