The nouveau apprentice policy proposal is based around addressing the shift in the labour market from being previously dominant in the primary and secondary sectors to the tertiary sectors. Predominantly administration jobs would be offered within the civil service for young people regardless of grades who are motivated to work.

Their job would be combined with mandatory training and money to be spent according to the interests for training courses thus preventing a culture of entrapment and enabling diversification in other fields. Young people are given independence in choosing meaning they are likely to use their qualifications and the money is not wasted.

The learning approach is very hands on and recognises not everyone is an audio learner but often visual and kinaesthetic learner as they learn whilst practically doing the job. The government would also save money because their salaries would be lower than they are currently and many people would be weaned off benefits.

By increasing the numbers in the labour force more money would be spent with the resultant effect of more jobs being created.

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