How can we support young social entrepreneurs?

Peter Ptachko works for Unltd. There are two million young people unemployed; there are also two million opportunities.

How do UnLtd support young social entrepreneurs?

UnLtd are experts on funding and focus on building soft skills and confidence. They’re all about backing people. They focus at the moment more on individuals. Often there are many young people who approach them with enthusiasm but not yet with the ideas/practical plans.

The idea of Young UnLtd is to fund the social entrepreneurs. Development managers follow the people for over a year. They offer specialist advice and meet them on a 1:1 basis giving them training and volunteering opportunities.

Their programmes focus around volunteering with projects - usually small scale ideas, such as environmental ideas.

UnLtd try and find out what makes the individual special and they can help support the young person to benefit their project in local communities. They aim to empower people to make social change happen.

How can social enterprise support public services?

Regarding social enterprise and public services, we discussed the John Lewis model of service provision, with a focus on employee ownership. The audience wasn’t convinced this was the right way to run public service. The debate around public services at present is based around whether social enterprises who will do a better job of providing services.

Peter stated that to support young people out of work

* They should be encouraged to tap into the wider social network of social entrepreneurs
* Apprenticeships and paid volunteering should be looked into more to help them

Want to get involved in our campaign on youth unemployment All Doled Up. What will you pledge?

1. Join the campaign
2. Come to our events
3. Tell us your idea

The countdown’s started. We need your ideas – it could be yours, so get involved.


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