Do you want to learn creative campaigning techniques and use them to help shape our campaign?

We’re launching "All Doled Up" our campaign on youth unemployment and we want you to try out new techniques to help develop it!

Almost one in five young people are out of work. Unemployment affects us all, whether we're out of work or our friends and family are.

That's why we want to work with you so you can do something about it together. So you can get together with other young people to campaign on youth unemployment where you live or study.

Toynbee Hall and Compass Youth want to invite you to an all day training day. So you’ll be able to

  • Use stories young people have shared with us on youth unemployment to spread the word about our campaign and get those in power to support and act on our pledges

  • Learn creative campaigning techniques - such as making viral videos, get your message out to the media and designing campaign visuals

You'll be able to try these out on the day itself with other young people and most importantly what you create will be what we use to campaign on youth unemployment - your videos, your slogans, your flyers!

This is what our last campaigns camp was like, just imagine you could take part in our next one!

Creative Campaigns Day 09 from Creative Campaigns Day on Vimeo.

What are you waiting for?