It's time to clean up the house... Politics is in a mess. So Ed's leaving the pond to clean up the House. Tired of hearing about MPs expenses and second jobs? Politics is too vital to be left to politicians. So we asked people on the street, what would you do if you were an MP for a day? Click here to see the video!

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It's time to wake up the undead...

Next Friday 30th October, the night before Halloween, we want you to join our protest against Britain's outdated political system and its unaccountable MPs. Come to Parliament Square, Westminster at 7.15pm and join the largest costumed protest ever recorded there. Look out for the Compass Youth banner and come and join us. Expect press and cameramen - so bring your best Halloween outfit!

At 8pm, we will start our Zombie Walk up Whitehall, past Downing Street and across Trafalgar Square to our afterparty.Come in any scary Halloween costume, ready to act as the UK’s undead politicia

Special prizes will go to the scariest politician costumes.
We can now exclusively let you know that anyone attending the rally will get FREE ENTRY & FREE DRINK at the official protest afterparty happening from 8.30 pm at Tiger Tiger.

Join us for the Zombie Walk

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