In advance of our workshop next Monday 19th October "SWaP your Story", we want to start bringing together Compass Youth activists interested in the environment, so to find out what type of activities we should run on this, we asked "what climate change campaigner are you?".

We've found an activist who's a
Saver and a Waver!

Over to you Amber!

"I have had an amazing weekend, and for various reasons, different in each case, I thought I'd tell you something about it.

This weekend I have been at a conference of 400-ish young people (aged <25)>eight-minute vid (stick with it past the polar bear with the violin, and there's a fully referenced version of the facts from the script available on the website) or 350.

If you get that this is scary, but want to try to sort it out before it's too late

  • Visit http://www.350.org (and look at the list of partner organisations at the bottom of the page, it's amazing)
  • Sign up to promise to reduce your CO2 emissions at 10:10 (the list of those who've already signed up make this one big british deal)

Older people may well be dead before the impacts of climate change affect us here in Britain significantly. We, however will only be in our early sixties by 2050, the date by which the international community plan to have significantly reduced harmful climate changing gas emissions.

Not only is this like saying you'll quit smoking by 2050, it is insufficient to keep CO2 levels below 350 parts per million, judged to be the safe level. There are already 385 parts per million in the atmosphere - LET'S SAVE OURSELVES! There's a big summit happening in December, now is the time to make some noise.

Peace, love, see you in the pub, where I promise not to mention this unless you do first"

Amber Donebauer

What climate change campaigner are you? Do you want to share your experience of being involved in campaigning, your thoughts on an issue that matters to you? Get in touch with me now at youthchair@compassonline.org.uk

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