The main news from the Labour Party conference both for us at Compass Youth and arguably the conference as a whole was the rule change to allow ordinary party members to directly elect representatives to Labour's chief policy-making body (previously the process was more controlled by the party). See Compass Youth activist and National Chair of Young Labour Sam Tarry's article here.

While other sectors of the left worked to draft and build support for the rule change, it was proposed by National Vice Chair of Compass Youth - Cat 'We Will Not Remit' Smith, who made the opening speech on this issue to the conference hall, see this link 51 minutes in here.

Young Labour and Compass Youth activists were also involved in building momentum and distributing publicity to gain support for this rule change (it passed with 67% in favour), and were recognised for their important role by leftwing group the 'Campaign for Labour Party Democracy'.
A great success and example of what the youth movement can achieve! There's already talk of electing a significant proportion of young people as part of the 55 delegates to the new National Policy Forum, which will influence Labour's direction after the next general election.

Luke Pearce, National Secretary of Compass Youth