It's time to clean up the house... Politics is in a mess. So Ed's leaving the pond to clean up the House. Tired of hearing about MPs expenses and second jobs? Politics is too vital to be left to politicians. So we asked people on the street, what would you do if you were an MP for a day? Click here to see the video!

They choose change, do you? Real change will only happen with your support. So what are you waiting for?

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It's time to wake up the undead...

Next Friday 30th October, the night before Halloween, we want you to join our protest against Britain's outdated political system and its unaccountable MPs. Come to Parliament Square, Westminster at 7.15pm and join the largest costumed protest ever recorded there. Look out for the Compass Youth banner and come and join us. Expect press and cameramen - so bring your best Halloween outfit!

At 8pm, we will start our Zombie Walk up Whitehall, past Downing Street and across Trafalgar Square to our afterparty.Come in any scary Halloween costume, ready to act as the UK’s undead politicia

Special prizes will go to the scariest politician costumes.
We can now exclusively let you know that anyone attending the rally will get FREE ENTRY & FREE DRINK at the official protest afterparty happening from 8.30 pm at Tiger Tiger.

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Submit your article for Compass Points The second issue of Compass Points, the newsletter of Compass Youth, will be released shortly and we're currently looking for material. Stories, opinion pieces, humour writing, cartoons, photos, quotations, youtube: all material gratefully received. Email your article to pearce.le@gmail.com.

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In the run up to Copenhagen, how do we get a global agreement on climate that truly puts climate justice at its heart? How do we respond to the jobs crisis and growing poverty around the world? How do we ensure the global green new deal the world needs? How we do we show that cuts are not the only option, and demonstrate what Putting People First really looks like?

Come and join us at the Put People First G20 Counter Conference. We're bringing together academics, activists, campaigners, unions, policy makers and YOU to share ideas on what the alternatives are to cuts, cuts and more cuts, and how we must organise across our issues, of jobs, justice and climate, to make the alternative the reality.

After marching for jobs, justice and climate in March and debating how we put people first.

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How do we mobilise?

After marching for jobs, justice and climate in March and debating how we put people first, Compass Youth will be taking part by hosting the afternoon session on How do we mobilise activists to campaign with Jon Cruddas MP, John Harris (The Guardian), Climate Camp and Noel Hatch (Compass Youth).

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Speaking up for jobs, justice and climate

There'll also be sessions through the day with an amazing line up of speakers, including: Tony Juniper (Princes Rainforests Projects), Poul Nyrup Rasmussen (Former Danish prime minister and president of the PES), Jon Cruddas MP, Deborah Doane (director of World Development Movement), Billy Hayes (general secretary of Communication Workers Union), Caroline Lucas MEP (leader of the Green Party), Diane Elson (University of Essex), Jesse Griffiths (Bretton Woods Project), Noel Hatch (Compass Youth), John Hilary (War on Want), Catherine Howarth (FairPensions), Neal Lawson (Compass), Larry Lohman (The Corner House), Sarah-Jayne Clifton (Friends of the Earth), Andrew Simms (new economics foundation), Glen Tarman (BOND), Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper).

We've bailed out the banks, it's time to bail out the people

In March, we marched in our tens of thousands to demand the G20 Put People First. Far from putting people first, we’ve seen nothing but a tinkering around the margins followed by the return to business as usual.

On Nov 7, as the G20 returns to the UK, the agenda on the table nurses an already failed economic model back to life, whilst looking to sew up an unjust international climate deal outside the UN process.

They bailed out the banks to the tune of billions, and now the only choice offered is what cuts are made to pay for it.

Government intervention to create a Green New Deal is slipping off the agenda, and yet strong alliances are forming - environmentalists and trade unionists have been standing side by side at Vestas to save the UK’s largest wind turbine factory.

"The irony of the crisis, is that its the people with the most vulnerable working and living conditions who were already victims of corporate and neo colonialist greed, who are still being left out in the cold. We bailed out the banks but forgot to bail out the people. It's time to take back society, it's time to save our future."

Noel Hatch, Chair of Compass Youth

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This conference is supported by ActionAid, Action for a Global Climate Community, BOND, Bretton Woods Project, Change is Coming, Compass, Compass Youth, Ekklesia, Fairtrade Foundation, Friends of the Earth, Global Call to Action Against Poverty, GMB, Helpage International, Jubilee Scotland, Jubilee Debt Campaign, National Union of Teachers, new economics foundation, New Internationalist, People and Planet, Progressio, Stop AIDS Campaign, Stop Climate Chaos, Stamp out Poverty, Trades Union Congress, UNISON, WILPF, World Development Movement, War on Want and WWF-UK.


We've teamed up with POWER2010 so you can have your say in how we need to make our democracy can work for us all. Do you want cleaner funding? Fairer voting? Better accountability? You decide.

So sign up now with us and POWER2010 to tell us your ideas to reform our democracy on Monday 26th October at 6.30-8.30pm at the Railway Tavern (Mezzanine). Sign up now and add the date in your calendar.

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You might think that things couldn't get any worse after finding out politicians claiming to represent us are using taxpayers' money to build houses for ducks rather than homes for people and preferring to attack each other than attack the recession. With Big Brother off our screens, this is the only reality show in town left.

As the MPs fiddle while our democracy's burning, we know the only people who can change politics are all of us. None of the parties have committed to any genuine democratic reform, it's like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. It's up to us to make them!

...Help us get it working again!


Tell us your ideas for changing the way we run our country and we'll feed them into POWER2010. All the ideas submitted will then be considered by a citizens' panel selected from across the UK who will decide the list of proposals to be put to the public vote.

The five most popular ideas will then become the POWER2010 Pledge. Every candidate standing at the next election will be asked to make a public commitment to this pledge - to clean up and reform politics.

Our democracy deserves better, we deserve better, let's change it.



In advance of our workshop next Monday 19th October "SWaP your Story", we want to start bringing together Compass Youth activists interested in the environment, so to find out what type of activities we should run on this, we asked "what climate change campaigner are you?".

We've found an activist who's a
Saver and a Waver!

Over to you Amber!

"I have had an amazing weekend, and for various reasons, different in each case, I thought I'd tell you something about it.

This weekend I have been at a conference of 400-ish young people (aged <25)>eight-minute vid (stick with it past the polar bear with the violin, and there's a fully referenced version of the facts from the script available on the website) or 350.

If you get that this is scary, but want to try to sort it out before it's too late

  • Visit http://www.350.org (and look at the list of partner organisations at the bottom of the page, it's amazing)
  • Sign up to promise to reduce your CO2 emissions at 10:10 (the list of those who've already signed up make this one big british deal)

Older people may well be dead before the impacts of climate change affect us here in Britain significantly. We, however will only be in our early sixties by 2050, the date by which the international community plan to have significantly reduced harmful climate changing gas emissions.

Not only is this like saying you'll quit smoking by 2050, it is insufficient to keep CO2 levels below 350 parts per million, judged to be the safe level. There are already 385 parts per million in the atmosphere - LET'S SAVE OURSELVES! There's a big summit happening in December, now is the time to make some noise.

Peace, love, see you in the pub, where I promise not to mention this unless you do first"

Amber Donebauer

What climate change campaigner are you? Do you want to share your experience of being involved in campaigning, your thoughts on an issue that matters to you? Get in touch with me now at youthchair@compassonline.org.uk

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I want to make sure that for each of you, Compass Youth can be exciting and rewarding. I want you to be able to have your say and do something about it with others where you are. That's why I'm really excited about another local group launching this Friday. After Norwich, I would like to welcome the launch of our new local group in Oxford.

Over to the local coordinator, Jeremy Cliffe:

"The Spanish writer Javier Marías once described Oxford as “a static city preserved in syrup”. He had a point. Attributes of change, progress and radicalism, easily applied to red brick university cities, do not sit so comfortably alongside the images of ancient quads and arcane ritual that grace tourist brochure after film set after souvenir tea towel. Politically, Oxford is wedged between Witney, the true-blue constituency of David Cameron, and Henley, BoJo's former parliamentary fiefdom. It is the Bullingdonian cradle of the dominant duo of today’s Conservative Party.

Yet Oxford also has a
distinctly left-of-centre political profile. Labour is the largest party on the City Council, followed by the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and the Independent Working Class Association. It is an important seat of progressive thought, home to two world-class universities and a number of prominent NGOs. Oxford University has a vibrant Labour Club, as well as prominent Liberal Democrat and Green movements and numerous other student and academic groups devoted to environmentalism, social justice and equality.

From Friday 16th October, there is a new ingredient in the mixture. Compass Oxford seeks to draw on the city's unique political and cultural profile to contribute to the renewal of the democratic left. It will hold a series of events in and around the city, harnessing the varied backgrounds and viewpoints of progressives in Oxford by bringing together figures from the left-of-centre political parties with academics, journalists, NGOs and non-affiliated students and local residents. The aim of the exercise is to create a lean, mean campaigning machine for left-wing issues in and around Oxford - and a uniquely open and bipartisan forum for debate.

For the coming months Compass Oxford has planned speakers, discussions, panel debates, political visits and social events, involving a number of high-profile political and cultural figures active on the local, national and international stages. Events will feature discussions on what ‘the left’ means today, on the viability of a more plural progressive movement, on campaign strategies for the upcoming general election and on thematic issues such as the environment, gender and social justice.

After all, beyond its picture postcard façade, Oxford really is more than just a tourist destination. It is a living city fizzling with energy and new ideas, a left-liberal oasis in an otherwise conservative part of the country. Progressives - be they students, academics or local residents - have good reason to be proud of this environment. It is with this conviction that Compass Oxford will be launched, at 7:30pm on Friday 16th October in the Rainolds Room in Corpus Christi College. All are welcome."

Jeremy Cliffe, Oxford Compass Youth Coordinator

For more details click here.

If you're interested in setting up a local group or would like Compass Youth to come and speak where you are, contact me now at youthchair@compassonline.org.uk.



Compass Youth are campaigning on Young People and the Recession. But we know this isn't just an economic crisis, it's an environmental one too. But let's stop agonising and start organising. Saving the environment saves you money - swap your clothes with friends rather than buy those made from sweat shops. Fighting climate change is exciting and successful - swoop a power station and you too can stop it pumping out dirty coal like at Kingsnorth.

We want to start bringing together
Compass Youth activists interested in climate change, so to find out what type of activities we should run on this, tell us:

What climate change campaigner are you?

Camper, Mapper, P&Per, Pledger, Runner, Saver, Stormer, Swooper or a Waver ?

Sign up now!

Come and join us on this unique opportunity to get together with other young people and save the environment!


Sign up now here!
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No more dictators in Latin America

End all US financial support to the coup

Meeting — Wednesday 14 October, 7.30pm


  • Ken Livingstone

  • Katherine Ronderos (Central America Women's Network) will give an eyewitness account of her recent visit to Honduras
  • Tony Lloyd MP,

    Parliamentary Labour Party

  • Colin Burgon MP

  • Alvaro
    Venezuela Embassy

  • Steve Hart, Regional
    Secretary, Unite London and Eastern

  • Dr Francisco
    of Latin America Studies,
    Middlesex Uni

  • Plus videos and
    messages from Honduras


Transport House,
Unite the Union Building, 128 Theobalds Road, London,
WC1X 8TN (Nearest tube: Holborn.) For a map click here.

Last month President Zelaya returned to Honduras after being ousted in a military coup. He has since been taking refuge in the Brazilian Embassy. When tens of thousands took to the streets to welcome President Zelaya back, the Honduran coup regime responded with widespread violence. A number of people have been killed as a result of repression and a clampdown on civil liberties has seen hundreds arrested and the closure of independent media.

This public meeting will update on the situation in Honduras and how we can offer solidarity to help bring President Zelaya back to the Presidency and restore democracy in Honduras.

Supported by:


This meeting is part of the activities of the Emergency Committee Against the Coup in Honduras. The Committee involves Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign, Labour Friends of Venezuela, UNITE the Union, UNITE London & Eastern Regions, South East Region TUC, and other bodies of the British Labour movement and Latin

American communities.

Visit the blog at http://committeeagainsthondurascoup.blogspot.com: notohondurascoup@googlemail.com


Apart from the loose connotation it had with left-wing politics, the term progressive was always quite vague, even to begin with. The conservatives’ decision to position themselves as progressives has served to mystify the term further. However, out of the mainstream political parties in the UK it must be said the Labour Party and the Greens have the most credible claim to that mantle - even if, in the case of the Labour Party, this is in spite of its leaders and some of the policies they uphold.

The Socialist and Environmentalist movements share a great deal in common and can learn a lot from each other. Firstly is a belief in equality. On the red side this means ensuring that the objective social conditions are in place for each individual to enjoy freedom in practice. The environmentalist movement adds a further dimension to this ideal, stressing the need for equality between present and future generations in our ability to live comfortably on this planet

The development and eventual collapse of the New Labour Project has caused an identity crisis in the Labour Party. Due to this, the question has become not if but when and by how much the Tories will win the next election. Nevertheless, a vacuum for new ideas is present which could be filled with social democratic policies for the 21st century.

The fact that the conservatives felt the need to adopt progressive language shows there is fundamental support for left of centre ideas – it is an admission that there is, indeed, a “progressive majority” to be tapped into. However, it is also clear they are disenchanted with New Labour.

So with an uncertain future ahead of us, what will the left in Britain look like? There are a huge number of possibilities. In this seminar we will look at the prospects for ‘Reds’ and ‘Greens’ to cooperate, not just in opposition to the Conservatives, but also constructively forming a broad left-of-centre coalition which could do justice to the beleaguered “progressive majority” in Britain.

Adrian Bua-Jones, Compass Youth Norwich Coordinator

Come and join us on 16th October at "The Future of the Left - A Red/Green Alliance?" with an amazing panel of speakers:

  • Dr Rupert Reed, Green Norwich North PPC & City Councillor
  • Samuel Tarry, National Chair of Young Labour
  • Gavin Hayes, Compass General Secretary
UEA Congregration Hall - Room 1.07

For more information, contact Adrian Bua, 07824825241 or adrian.bua@googlemail.com


The backstabbing and snake-like games of last years Labour Conference (2008) was replaced with a change in tone this year, all without making large revolutionary changes. I arrived as a GMB delegate- being the youth representative for the first and last time (I will be too old next year).

My initial feeling was that of gloom and doom- that Gordon Brown’s headache had become a migraine and that he would drag a half twitching carcass through the conference.
Sunday was unspectacular, with the highlights being a fairly good speech by Secretary of State for Wales Peter Hain, and a better speech by outgoing First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan - it was apparent that he had resisted some of the worse aspects of New Labour during his time in office (much like his equivalent in London, Ken Livingstone) when he explained some of his initiatives such as scrapping prescription charges, and also some more recent significant programmes to prevent job losses and companies collapsing in Wales.

Monday was the turn of Lord Peter Mandelson to take to the stage (and a stage he sees it) his speech amusing but it failed to convert myself or the GMB delegation to “loving him” as the media claimed. Some of our delegation, were pretty motionless the whole time he spoke! But at least he made some admission that a lot of people in the party didn’t trust him or his politics!

Gordon Brown’s speech on Tuesday in my opinion was actually slightly weaker than his speech last year. Whilst fairly explaining how the Government had done their best in propping up the economy whilst it crashed, and drawing clear lines between the Tories; and peppered with some positive initiatives such as scrapping carparking charges in hospitals and extending care for elderly and rolling back ID cards, it took a negative turn when he announced proposals for single mothers- clearly playing to the tabloids, and with no detail to explain how this would be implemented.

The tone of the conference was slightly different to previous ones - Paul Kenny, General Secretary of the GMB said to me “It’s the first time I can remember the leadership and ministers being apologetic for the mistakes they’ve made in the last few years.”
The broad feeling was that of greater optimism than at the start of the conference, greater sense that the party could move closer towards the kind of politics we truly want, and less certainty that David Cameron would be PM next year.

Yue Ting Cheng, Trade Union Coordinator

Thanks to mag3737 for the photo published under Creative Commons


The main news from the Labour Party conference both for us at Compass Youth and arguably the conference as a whole was the rule change to allow ordinary party members to directly elect representatives to Labour's chief policy-making body (previously the process was more controlled by the party). See Compass Youth activist and National Chair of Young Labour Sam Tarry's article here.

While other sectors of the left worked to draft and build support for the rule change, it was proposed by National Vice Chair of Compass Youth - Cat 'We Will Not Remit' Smith, who made the opening speech on this issue to the conference hall, see this link 51 minutes in here.

Young Labour and Compass Youth activists were also involved in building momentum and distributing publicity to gain support for this rule change (it passed with 67% in favour), and were recognised for their important role by leftwing group the 'Campaign for Labour Party Democracy'.
A great success and example of what the youth movement can achieve! There's already talk of electing a significant proportion of young people as part of the 55 delegates to the new National Policy Forum, which will influence Labour's direction after the next general election.

Luke Pearce, National Secretary of Compass Youth


You told us about your "green" ideas, from carbon taxes, green jobs to school gardening. Do you want to have your say on how to campaign on climate change and do something about it with others where you are?

If so, come and join Compass Youth & Change is Coming (ChiC) at "SWaP your Story" on Monday 19th October 6.30-8.30 pm at the Railway Tavern, Liverpool St (London).

Tell us why the environment matters more than ever in the recession. Find out how you can make change happen where you are with other activists and groups. Try out exciting techniques so you can get other people involved in the environmental movement.

Don't miss out, book your place now!

This workshop is open to all activists, whether you want to share your environmental involvement or if you want to make their first steps. Sign up at http://swapyourstory.eventbrite.com

Any questions or want to find out more? Email us now! If you can't see the video below, click here.

The only change worth fighting...

We don’t just listen to what you care about, we work with you so you can do something about it together. Because I know if you give people an inch, they'll give you a mile. That’s why I invited one of our activists Becky to run our first ever session on the environment.

Becky runs Change is Coming (ChiC), which encourages increased recognition of the power and responsibility of individuals in responding to and initiating change, through the use of creative & collaborative action. ChiC's primary venture is EnviroWiki.org.uk - a collaborative mapping directory compiling activity & debate for the growing environmental movement.

...It's time to get ChiC

You may be concerned about the threat of climate change, but find it hard to communicate it in times of recession and financial uncertainty. You may want to get involved in the environmental movement, but feel unsure where to start. You may just want to find out more. Either way, come and join us at SWaP the Story!

Noel Hatch

National Chair

Compass Youth