I choose change. Do you?

What could be worse than having MPs who spend millions of taxpayers' money getting their moats cleared, their hedges trimmed, and their houses renovated? Failing to hold them accountable for it. That would be worse. If we do nothing, we could let them get away with it all over again.

We can't let this happen. And we won't, if we stand together now and show the politicians once and for all that it's high time we were given a choice in how they're elected.

Take action now by saying "I choose change" - and star in our campaign video

Don't worry, you don't have to memorise any lines or learn any dance moves to star in this video. All it takes is one photo. Just download and print out a Vote for a Change poster. Then take a picture of yourself posing with it, and send it to us using the online form at the link below.

We'll use your picture -- and the photos of hundreds of other voters taking a stand -- in a video we'll debut at our big campaign kick-off rally in London on July 9.

Start choosing change by joining our campaign right now

We deserve better than scandal-ridden politicians who think only of themselves -- not the people they're supposed to be serving. If we act now, we won't have to put up with the status quo any longer.

If you're in London next Thursday (July 9th at 6.30pm) and you haven't yet signed up to attend our Rally for a Change, do so now. You'll be joining stars like Dave Rowntree from Blur, Poet Dave Neita, Billy Bragg and other special guests.

Join our Rally for Change

Help at the rally and get a free limited edition "Vote for Change" tshirt

Great opportunity for young East Londoners!

If you live in Barking & Dagenham, Newham or Tower Hamlets and are 19-25 years old, this is an opportunity for you! If not, you may know someone who fits this profile so please forward this on to them. UpRising is a fantastic opportunity for young East Londoners who want to change East London for the better. Visit here.