After the amazing success of our workshop with Progressive London where you told us what you wanted to improve young people's lives in London, we know want to tell you about an exciting activity where you can put together creative campaigns for London, as we always listen out to the pulse of the Compass Youth membership. As Laurie Penny says

"We may not have the kind of arts you want us to have, but this generation is creating more art, more music, writing, performance and brilliant new ideas than ever before, most of it cooked up with pirated equipment in the privacy of our own bedrooms and disseminated over the internet....We are creating. What most of us want now is a chance to combine creativity with real social progress, a chance to turn our imaginative brilliance to dreaming up a new world for ourselves, where our arts and our ideals have real relevance."

This is why we are working with Toynbee Hall in their "Creative Campaigns Day" taking place on Monday 6th April.

Aged 16-25? Your chance to get vocal about issues that you care about!

Create a campaign in either film, music, theatre, photography or spoken word with the help of industry professionals.

Explore future campaigning opportunities with organisations. Perform your campaigns in an evening showcase.

To find out more or register send an email to or call Ffiona on 07828 696 759.

Compass Youth will be exhibiting its campaigns so come and join us and Toynbee Hall's Active Citizenship programme!

"It is projects like “Pin The Pits” and projects which Compass Youth seek to actively support and promote that can bring people like us together, each with their own political voice, to listen and to be heard, like with the “Pin The Pits” campaign which united people under one roof, in the very place where to be heard, there is every hope of real change, where politics, expression and opinion have so much power in this country, where dreams can become real and change can become possible."
What will you pledge?

I will take part in the Creative Campaigns Day (contact

I will showcase my campaign with Compass Youth (contact

I will sign up to Compass Youth e-updates to get involved in more of these activities