Do you want to turn strangers into citizens?

Did you know that there around half a million undocumented migrants in the UK? Did you know they face anxiety, distress and exploitation on a daily basis? Did you know they want to work, integrate and play their full part in our society as ordinary citizens?

Strangers into Citizens is a campaign bringing together groups to call for the Government to put into practice now an "earned amnesty". This would mean those who have been here for four or more years would be allowed to work legally in return for leave to remain. They would be given two years to demonstrate their knowledge of English and contribute to the economy & society - and if successful would be granted full legal rights.

Come and join us at the rally next Bank Holiday!

Campaigns in Greece, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands have brought about similar "earned amnesty" for undocumented migrant
s and Obama himself is now calling for this too. They've pledged their support for this, what will you pledge?

Come and join us at 11.30 on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May at Tothill Street to march towards Trafalgar Square for the rally starting at midday, featuring live acts like Asian Dub Foundation and many more! Text
pledge bankholidayrally’ to 60022 to let us know you're coming!

Forward this email to five of your friends to invite them to the rally too!


Robert said...

Well done this is important, these are humans not illegals.