Come and campaign with us across Europe!

We gave you the opportunity to genuinely shape together the PES Manifesto bringing together think tanks, trade unions, community groups, MPs and MEPs and of course yourselves to submit and debate your ideas. We led delegations to the PES Council in Madrid to celebrate the launch of the Manifesto itself and then to Brussels to meet a range of social democratic and youth campaigners.

We took part in the "We're all Londoners" coalition to ensure that as many EU citizens as possible voted in the London elections. We facilitated workshops at the ECOSY Summer Camp and participated in youth leader delegations to Southern Africa and Greece.

Book your place now!

If we can surprise and inspire people to help shape our manifesto, we can surprise and inspire them again to come and campaign and vote in the European elections. Which is why we organised campaign exchanges in France and Spain and we now want to invite you to come and campaign with us in Belgium, Denmark and France.

We had an amazing response from our email inviting you to the Belgian campaign exchange, with places going in just a few days and now we want to invite you to help campaign in Denmark betwen 12-17th May. Because of high demand, we only have five places available, so if you'd like to come to help campaign, just email me in under 100 words or by video, why you want to campaign to put people first in the European elections.

Noel Hatch