We work with a wide range of different groups and organisations and we reach out to new people campaigning on issues that really matter, both in our local communities but also abroad - this is why we're really proud to let you discover more about an exciting group called Creative Youth.

Creative Youth Organisation Nepal (CYON
) is a youth led organisation in Nepal. CYON has been working with different local organisation as well as international organisations for the common goal of youth development as well as social development.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Currently CYON is working in the field of preservation of intangible cultural heritage through youth mobilization. CYON also works on Environment preservation and restoration, youth empowerment and social issues.

CYON’s current work on preservation of intangible cultural heritage is going to established a project named, “culture for development”, which has been developed by CYON secretary Mr. Sajan Baiju.

This project has emphasizes some of the points like:

  • Preservation and Promotion of folk art and culture.
  • Organizing awareness campaigns nationally.
  • Promoting folk art through participation in international festivals and events.
  • Creating markets for Nepali traditional handicrafts.
  • Organizing international cultural festival in Nepal and promoting Nepali art, culture and tradition and cultural tourism.
  • Working with different cultural bodies and agencies nationally and internationally to achieve goal.
  • Making strong agenda addressing cultural issues and their restoration.

CYON has been organizing different awareness programs in Nepal and also it has formed a performance group under CYON secretary Mr. Sajan Baiju. This group will perform Nepali folk dance, music nationally and internationally. Any international festival organizers can contact us for performance of Nepali folk culture.

Under the project, “Culture for Development”, CYON has proposed to establish a “Global Cultural Village”, an educational and artistic institute with a cultural museum inside it. The village will work on preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage and also educate about culture and identity. “we have dreamt of making this global village for all the students, researchers, artist and others from all around the globe to know Nepali culture and to share their culture”, says Creative Youth President Mr. Anil Kumar Pariyar. This project will be lead by CYON president Mr. Pariyar. To develop this project we need support from all the people who like the goal of CYON. To help us through the resources and fund you can contact us through our website.

CYON has been training youth with various skills training program and its skill training program phase III is going to be started this march. CYON has celebrated its 1st Anniversary this January. In its short carrier CYON has achieved many things and still long way to go to achieve its goal. It success has been achieved by the support of its well wishers and partners. We are very thankful to compass youth for their opportunity to write and share about Creative Youth and its work. They have been part of our success.

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