Our brothers ans sisters in the International Union of Sociliast Youth have released a statement in support of the Bolivian Preseident Evo Morales. The International Union of Socialist Youth is the largest international political youth movement in the world. It represents 150 organizations from over 100 countries and is an organisation that Compass Youth is actively involved with

IUSY Statement in support of Evo Morales' Government

"In view of the seriousness of the situation and all the negative events that have been developing these days in Bolivia, the International Union of Socialist Youth supports the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia as well as its defence of the democracy, the liberty and the sovereignty of its people against those in favour of a coup and responsible for the current situation.


IUSY express its rejection to all actions the right are committing which includes violence and confrontation. This position does not respect the Bolivian people will that democratically elected and ratified the Evo Morales Government, who got the 67% of acceptance in the last referendum just one month ago.


In addition, the obvious racist attitude of the Evo Morales’ government’s opposition expressed through murders of native Bolivians and several declarat

ions of people from the right are unacceptable and it will not drive to the imposition of any government or system. Before these circumstances, IUSY supports all related actions carried out by our youth members in Bolivia: Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS- ISP) and Movimiento Sin Miedo (MSM).

As an international organization, IUSY demands total respect for the principles expressed in the Letter of the United Nations about the sovereignty of the countries and rejects the inappropriate intervention of the United States as agent of uncertainty. While we totally support the multi lateral role of the meetings of UNASUR and OAS as mechanisms of conflict resolution which would be able to contribute to end this dramatic situation.


As a sign of our support to the Bolivian Government and with democracy in this country, IUSY will be holding our meeting of the American Committee in Bolivia from 13 to 16 November."

Samuel Tarry Chair of Compass Youth said: 

"We fully support the statement issued by our comrades in the International Union of Socialist Youth and wish to offer our support and solidarity to working people and Trades Unionists fighting for a progressive future for Bolivia and against aggresive interventions by those supporting the racist backed coup"

Compass Youth contacted Colin Burgon MP, Chair of Labour Friends of Venezuela who said: 

“Bolivia and Venezuela have been at the forefront of building a progressive alternative to the neo-liberal model that caused widespread social chaos in Latin America. This is why reactionary forces in these countries, and their supporters in the US, are seeking to undermine these democratic governments. The current economic crisis underlines why such alternatives are needed now more than ever”