The last article published on our site was about the upcoming Love Difference festival at Cargo London. In a minor amendment, the Compass Youth Organising Committee have decided to launch two of our very first publications at the event. I'm sure this will be massively persuasive in getting the huddled masses among us to turn out!

The first of our publications will be the first in a series of Campaign Toolkits which we aim to produce for young people both within the Labour Party and other progressive movements. This toolkit will be aimed primarily at members of Labour Students, other progressive youth organisations such as People and Planet, and friendly political societies in universities across the country, and will provide over 30 pages of tips and tactics for running successful living wage campaigns for employees in and around universities, largely building on the previous successes of independent campaigns.

The second publication we will be launching will be a list of publicly respected speakers who will speak on behalf of Compass/Compass Youth at Young Labour groups and University Labour Clubs: watch this space to find out about what our panel can offer.

There will also be a couple of extras involved, to be revealed at the time. You will be able to get hold of this stuff through the website, alongside corresponding guidance from Compass Youth regional reps. All a great reason firstly to get down to Cargo, and secondly to watch this space!

Anyone interested in working on further publications with us is invited to contact us using the tabs at the side of the page.


Anonymous said...

Labour students? Progressive?! Come on now dont damage your crediblity with that kind of tosh. people like then are the problem. Down with Labour Studenst! Viva Compas Youth!

Jimmy Compassite said...

I have to agree I with anon! I thought Compass YOuth was independent of Labour students... That for me is the attraction. That Labour is one part of the COmpass campaign but that its focus is outside, building new coalitions... the Labour party is a dead out of date relic! I thought COmpass was somthing fresh! Yes lets organise on Campus... but not keep floging the same dead horse! dont scare off young progressives and activists who couldnt give a shit about Labour studentsQ I was involved in TELCO... I thought thats what a living wage campaign model should be. Think about it compass dudes!

Miller 2.0 said...

"I thought Compass YOuth was independent of Labour students... That for me is the attraction."

It is. It won't be only Labour Students that we'll be targeting, worry not.

On how we're going to get campaigns going, well, you'll have to wait until Sunday... we'll be publishing the toolkit online too.

If you have any networks you could use, please get in touch!

See the contact tab at the side, or drop me an email (address is at the side of my other blog).