compass youth launches speaker list and toolkit

Compass Youth is a launching its university and school rep programme to promote social democratic action and ideas. If we are to build the progressive consensus we need people to champion social democracy in their communities; as a rep you can be at the forefront of that challenge.

Reps will be able to draw on a range of speakers to give talks on their campuses on different topics, and campaigning materials which will help you to put together campaigns for social democratic policies and practices.

Details for contacting Campus reps can be found here.

We have just produced our first major campaign publication, a 31 page toolkit on living wage campaigning, also launched today. We hope to add more on trade, women's issues and any other topic that you, our members, feel is important.

We are also releasing a freebie in the shape of a Compass Youth desktop background to celebrate this launch. You can find these materials by visiting this link, they will also be available from our downloads section (see left) in the coming days.

For more information email Dan.

Materials to download include:

Compass Youth Living Wage Toolkit
Compass Youth Speaker List
Compass Youth Desktop Background

Dan Elton, Secretary, Compass Youth