We have published the first part of 6 series article by Vava Tampa – Chair of Save the Congo, a student & youth led forum championing the restoration of peace in the forgotten wars rigged corner of the world –East Congo.

His series of articles are an attempt to raise awareness of one the nastiest and bloodiest unknown wars and humanitarian tragedies that has so far claim more than 5.4 Million live and blood still running like water – claiming as many as 45 000 live each month; as well as to defy the wrong and yet overly-reported “ethnic bloodletting” status ascribed to the unfolding wars by Western media and statesmen – hence justifying their gross failure in paving the way for another Genocide as well as not taking concrete steps towards the restoration of peace, security, justice and human dignity in the Congo.

Your comments are welcome; and if you wish to learn more or get involve contact him directly on Watch this space for the first article in the series!