We have built and facilitate a dynamic and vibrant network that campaigns for greater equality and democracy and nurtures progressive values across society. We work with as many parts of the labour movement as possible, to reach out to as many partners outside the traditional social democratic family.

Creating local and university groups

We are developing our regional activity, focusing on creating groups where they currently don’t exist and building capacity where they do.

We aim to have 20 local groups by the end of the year and have already recruited several campus and regional representatives to coordinate our activity at a local level in London, North West, Scotland, West Midlands and Yorkshire & Humber. See here if you want to contact one or become a rep yourself.

Building partnerships with exciting groups

We have developed speaker pool to reach the hearts and minds of progressive students and young people. We lobby Compass MPs to take our campaigns to the heart of government and to act as a bridge to supporters in this country.

We also partner with progressive media, trade unions, community groups and socially responsible businesses, focusing on those in which Compass Youth members are already involved in.

We have opened the debate in the Labour Party such as with the campaign for treasurer, selection for NEC Youth Rep, deputy leadership campaign and the selection campaign for Chuka Umuna.

We have organised debates with UK & European Parliament, student & trade unions, but also from European political parties, community & campaigning groups, online media & press, thinktanks & universities, art collectives, & music bands. These include:

Amnesty, Avaaz, Black Socialist Society, Bristol City Council, Centre for European Reform, CND, Community, Demos, Desirs d'Avenir, Diversity & Integration Network, DJ Bootsie Quartet, European Alternatives, European Parliament, Fabian Society, Global Policy Institute, GNB, Hungarian Cultural Centre, Involve, IUSY, Labour Movement for Europe, Liberty, London Citizens, London MEPs, New Local Government Network, Northampton Arts Collective, NUS, Ohm Square, One Voice, Oxfam, PASOK, PES Activists, Pin the Pits, Policy Network, Polish Cultural Institute, PPE, Pulse Festival, The Blessing, Save the Labour Party, Save Congo, Searchlight, SERA, Spanish Socialist Youth, Sunday Best, TMP, Trinity Centre, TUC, Unions 21, UNISON, Unlock Democracy and Unite.

Organising and supporting campaigns on issues that matter to you

We actively champion events and campaigns by Compass and our progressive partners. We also organise distinctive and exciting activities ourselves with Compass or autonomously.

We have organised 10 debates over the last year as well as taking part in conferences and workshops by other progressive groups and campaigns for equalising the minimum wage, the living wage, two state solution, the NHS, against the anti missile system, civil liberties and votes for 16. We also ran the online campaign for the congestion charge campaign, which became the second most seen video of that month in the UK.

We built a dynamic and vibrant coalition of progressive young people to help campaign for Ken Livingstone’s re-election as Mayor of London. We helped organise political integration initiatives to get out the vote of EU citizens in the London elections and played an active role in supporting the Hope not Hate and We’re all Londoners coalitions. We also supported the Choose Change road show for the deputy leadership campaign for Jon Cruddas.

We have been developing a “progressive soulmates” network to shape the Your Space manifesto and campaign in general elections across Europe, building towards the European Parliament elections in 2009.

We have engaged young “progressive expats” in the UK as the eyes and ears of their countries. We have developed mini-festivals bringing together film, music and politics in the most cutting edge venues in the country, starting with London, Northampton and Bristol. Not only have we been featured by the Evening Standard, London Paper, Metro, Total Politics and Timeout but a range of blogs and magazines.

We organised a series of successful debates as part of the Your Space manifesto, organised campaign exchanges in France, Spain & US, facilitated workshops at the ECOSY Summer Camp and participated in youth leader delegations to Southern Africa and Greece.

We want to build international campaigns on issues that cross borders through further campaign exchanges and summer academies.

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