We Are ZCTU: Defend unionists on trial in Zimbabwe

As mentioned here, Compass Youth have been taking part in a youth & student leader delegation to Southern Africa organised by ACTSA. After campaigning to free Zimbabweans in the UK and celebrating Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday, we would love it if you could help us show solidarity to the Zimbabwean trade unionists Lovemore and Wellington who are currently on trial.

During our trip to Southern Africa, organised by ACTSA, we met youth leaders from Zimbabwe. At first sight, it was like being at a students conference talking about free education and student governance - wanting to be the vanguard of society, never again wanting to be in the same situation as now.

But when this was overshadowed by the arrests and torture that young activists face on an almost daily basis, I felt humbled by seeing their world through their eyes and gaining a much deeper insight into the issues surrounding Zimbabwe, such as when one comrade explained that after its independence, Zimbabwe failed to put any checks and balances on the power over its people.

It may look like we're playing on different football fields in the struggle for freedom, democracy and equality, but what links us all together is that wherever we are, history is repeated, from the oppression in South Africa in the apartheid years to that of Zimbabwe and Swaziland today. So in our 24/7 lifestyle, it may seem like a struggle to think for a moment, let alone take action in solidarity with our friends in this region - but that struggle is nothing compared to the struggle that they endure on a daily basis.

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John said...

Thanks for this. As an update, the trial has been postponed again - this time taking us up to 27 August. I guess it suits Mugabe even more to keep effective union scrutiny silent by just extending the unfair bail conditions, and he thinks people may just forget about them if it drags on. Make a date to check back again in August and keep up the pressure!