What are you doing this summer…?

Would you like to make a T.V show about you and your mates?

How do you and your friends support each other in dealing with your relationships?

You tell your own stories.

Take a camera. Record your story. Tell the world.

We need young people to talk about their life experiences and how they manage those tricky relationship issues.

We are working with Channel 4 to work on a TV programme called Life Proof which they want to film over the summer holidays to go on air in the autumn. We are looking for specific groups of young people and one of these is 16-19 year olds interested in politics and so I thought of you. Compass Youth is working to develop this anyway with other organisations, but this could be a good stepping stone for you to get more involved in politics.

Please see the brief outline and if you were interested, you would have the opportunity of being filmed yourself with in return recruiting other 16-19 year olds interested in politics for this project. As this is being filmed shortly, we would need to know if you wanted to do this and if other young people you knew could do this too.

CONTACT US ON 07790202469 or compassyouth7@gmail.com

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