Thousands of Zimbabweans in the UK find themselves in the dehumanising limbo of our broken asylum system. They are unable to work, unable to gain skills or use the ones they have, unable to return home and often left without any state support. They are even prevented from working as volunteers.

The future leaders of that country are being left idle, frustrated and sometimes destitute on the streets of Britain. This seems ironic given the supposed fury in the voices of our politicians condemning the current situation in Zimbabwe.

This is obviously unacceptable, the best thing our leaders could do for Zimbabwe is to allow those Zimbabweans still here to acquire the experience and the skills that will eventually be necessary to rebuild their country. We need to hold our leaders accountable for the situation they have created.

As such is organised this Friday 11th July

11:30am Meet at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey

12pm Service led by Archbishop of York, John Sentamu

1.30pm: Rally and walk to Home Office; Parliament Sq. and South Bank

Click here to find out more and here for our story on the trip we made to visit Zimbabwean youth leaders.


Robert said...

New labour are good at throwing people onto the scrap heap, being disabled I've found out how good they are.