I would like firstly to thank Jon for all the hard work he has put in for Compass and Compass Youth over the past few years. He has always made time to hear our arguments and mentored many of us as we develop as young socialists and young Trades Unionists. It is Jon who has pushed with myself and others on the Compass Management Committee to make Compass's policy making process's, including the forthcoming one as participative and democratic as possible, that genuinely reach the grass roots and rank and file members.

Jon understands that for Compass to be a success we much build a genuine movement for social change - not just a current within the Labour party, but something that mobilises and involves people across the Labour movement and wider civic society. On this issue of detention without trial though Jon found himself seriously out of step with Compass grass roots members. Yesterday the Compass Youth Organising Committee took a collective decision to individually lobby Jon over his announced decision to support the Government. We now fully support Jon in the decision he has taken and believe that it is the correct one and the decent thing to do. Many a lesser politician would have clung on in the face of opposition from grass roots and rank and file activists.

I know that Jon will continue to support the Compass project and I am sure will continue to build the movement. The fact that he took the time to write individual replies to every activist that took the time to lobby him shows that he listens and values the opinions of those who form the backbone of Compass and the work it does. Our Comrades on the left I believe have been to quick to judge him, will for example the 9 Campaign group MP's who voted with the Government now resign from the Campaign group too?

There were also at least another 7 Compass MP's besides Emily Thornberry who voted against the Government. Given that Compass is a far looser political grouping then the Campaign group with far less control over its associated MP's I hope that then due respect will be afforded to Compass because of this and that interested parties will feel able to partake in the forthcoming Compass Conference.

It is a shame that some persons who wrote to Jon Trickett did so in an abusive and derisory manner- That is not the way in which Compass Youth operates and Jon Trickett has personally thanked us for the constructive manner in which we addressed our concerns to him. It seems the hard left has lurched into denouncements and sectarianism that has for decades seen the left weakened, divided and incapable of moving forward to actually make tangible achievements for working people. Despite the fundamental disagreement with John Trickett and other Labour MP's who voted for this abominable measure we should engage them with debate and argument to win them over to our ideas.

Samuel Tarry

Chair - Compass Youth


Anonymous said...

What do you think the Campaign Group MPs should resign from? AFAIK none of them hold a senior position in the CG comparable to the one Trickett has resigned from.

Also, can we have a full list of Compass MPs at last then please?

Robert said...

But in the end the Pull of the power of Brown made him change his mind, Jon as you call him has stated many times he was agsinst the 42 days, to chnage one's mind to keep or stay in power is a disgrace, if he believed that 42 days was right I've had said nothing, but he did not so it's a sell out.