This month Searchlight launches a debate over the future direction of the anti-fascist movement in Britain. The BNP has secured one seat on the London Assembly, gained an extra ten councillors across the country and averaged 13.9% of the vote in the 642 wards it contested. It is clear that the BNP is emerging as a significant political force in many areas of the country.

Nick Knowles has kicked off the debate with an article entitled, Where Now? Click here to read it.

The New Statesman has run a reduced version of this article and earlier this month 60 trade unionists and anti-BNP campaigners met in London to discuss the way forward.

Searchlight would like to extend this debate – the issues at stake are too important. We believe that the anti-fascist movement has to have an honest debate about how we defeat the BNP, particularly in the very communities where they are gaining success.

Get involved and submit your ideas here.

Of course the talking must eventually end and action begin and so it will by the end of September but in the meantime there is room for debate. This discussion allows to reflect on our current strategies and hopefully sharpen our thoughts and analysis. Only then can we leave the comfort zone and really begin addressing some of the difficult issues that we face.


Laban said...

I don't understand. In pretty much any society in the world a large influx of foreigners - one that threatened the hegemony of the native inhabitants - would be resisted, often violently. What makes anyone think that the British or English would be any different ?

Indeed in many cases the left would be supporting the nationalist movement - as they did, say, in Ireland.

Mass immigration is now a fact of life. If the borders were closed by Mr Brown's police tomorrow the demography would look the same - something like 25% of all the children born being 'ethnic minority' i.e. non-native. With differential birthrates this percentage is likely to increase.

In such a scenario isn't the division of politics on ethnic lines almost inevitable ?