Richard Barnbrook, the oddball BNP member of the London Assembly has strongly welcomed Boris Johnson's decision to cut anti-racism from the Rise music festival funded by the GLA.
This follows the decision of Boris Johnson to drop the central message of the festival which was 'London united against racism' from the publicity and character of the event.

A spokesperson for the National Assembly Against Racism said:

''This is the 'different' kind of anti-racism Munira Mirza, Boris Johnson's advisor on culture, was talking about on the BBC - one that is welcomed by the BNP. The BNP judged accurately in giving its second preferences votes to Boris Johnson - the first time that the BNP endorsed a mainstream candidate for Mayor. They were relying on Boris Johnson to dismantle the defences against racism in London and he is doing just that. The fact that Johnson/Mirza's position is welcomed by the BNP shows the real issues involved.'

Samuel Tarry Chair of Compass Youth and London Young Labour Anti Racism Officer said:

"The fact that Boris Johnson, the new Mayor of London has already moved to make such a blatant political gesture is indicative of what we will come to expect from the new Tory administration at City Hall. You would have thought given the accusations of racism levelled at Boris Johnson from the Black and Asian communities in London during the Mayoral election then he would have made every effort to dispel those ideas. Instead at a time of increased racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism he pulls the plug on the anti racist message of one of London's biggest free music festivals. Given the momentum of the BNP at the moment and the fact that they openly backed his run for City Hall he has gifted them another opportunity to come out in support of his agenda and claim credit for this move"


Anonymous said...

And "operation black vote" wasn't racist at all was it?

Well done Boris, keep up the good work!

Lancaster Unity Fan said...

It's obvious what was happening here - Boris was elected with the help of second choice BNP votes (the BNP told its supporters to vote for the man who called black people "piccanninies", which he is repaying by opposing all anti-racism measures.

For all we know, Boris is on friendly terms with Dicky Barnbrook in the London Assembly.

For the latest anti-racist info for the UK, check out Lancaster Unity at:

There should be a link from this site to the Lancaster Unity site, as they are one of the most respected anti-racist UK websites.

S said...

Anonymous - are you a complete plank? An organisation set up to help a community that had far lower participation rates in democracy and elections in terms of voting and voter registration is racist because if focusses its work on BAME voters - are you serious? Given that nearly all democratic institutions in the UK are currently far from representative in terms of MP's or other elected members (Councillors for example - particularly BAME Women councillors) This organisation is not racist - it is dealing with and overturning the problem of institutional racism.

Anonymous said...

At last some common sense from the new mayor, well done Richard Barnbrook, the cat is truly amonst the piegeons.