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Compass Youth will be facilitating a session on "Going global in the fight against inequality"

Given that the progressive left is out of breath in Europe and across the world in the face of the increasing cultural hegemony of the right, it is critical that we work together on the ideas and the actions needed to deliver change.

How can we build coalitions on key issues through a “global reach, local impact” approach?

How can we better connect with our progressive soulmates abroad?

How can we find local solutions to global issues?

How can we promote a more social and democratic agenda that relates to people’s everyday lives?

Get inspired, get informed, get involved in this exciting event!

The Robin Cook Memorial Conference
Saturday 14 June 2008 • Institute of Education, London

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The first major gathering of progressives post the 2008 elections...

Over 60 speakers including:
Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP; Neal Lawson; Prof Ruth Lister CBE; Derek Simpson; Jon Cruddas MP; Polly Toynbee; Jon Trickett MP; Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP; Baroness Helena Kennedy QC; John Harris; Beatrix Campbell; Prof Danny Dorling; Chuka Umunna; Katharine Rake; Melissa Benn; Dr Tom Smith; Dr Alex Scott; Hilary Wainwright; Kate Green; Deborah Littman; Graeme Cooke; Matthew Pennycook; Tony Benn; Mick Shaw; Christine Shawcroft; Richard Murphy; Doreen Massey; Ann Pettifor; Jonathan Rutherford; Andrew Harrop; Patrick Diamond; Mark Perryman - who'll be joined by other leading figures from across the Left and wider progressive community...

Hosting over 35 sessions organised by the leading think tanks, pressure groups, NGOS and publications all at the one event including: The Fawcett Society; Searchlight; NUT; Socialist Health Association; The Fabian Society; Progress; Crisis; NUS; Campaign for Therapy; Demos; Liberty; UNISON; Unions Together; CPAG; Amnesty International; War on Want; IPPR; Fair Pay Network; nef; Migrants Rights Network; Barrow Cadbury Trust; Red Pepper; RENEWAL; Tribune; Friends of the Earth; Labour Left Briefing; Soundings; Age Concern England; Electoral Reform Society; Make Votes Count; CND; LGBT Labour; Unions 21; Unlock Democracy; Compass Youth...

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