We're really honoured that that the Skoll Foundation has just awarded our close friends OneVoice an Award for Social Entrepreneurship. This prestigious award joins One Voice into a fantastic network of social entrepreneurs working for change in critical areas across the world.

Update from the Middle East

Both despite and because of the unbearable current situation and continuing setbacks to the negotiations process, OneVoice is pushing ahead in 2008 to change the political climate from one of despair, apathy and disillusionment to one of visualising the potential of what a peace settlement could mean, and investing a sense of urgency in civil society to push the process forward.
An expanding investment in youth leadership will be at the core of their work as OneVoice's Ramallah and Tel Aviv offices train young Israelis and Palestinians in public speaking, conflict resolution and how to carry a message of non-violent activism to their own communities.
As part of the expansion of the programme, OneVoice Israel recently launched advanced Leadership Seminars and a Youth Advisory Council with our most senior leaders attending a meeting with Knesset Member, Ephraim Sneh. Likewise, OneVoice Palestine has spent three months conducting Youth Workshops in all our West Bank districts and has also just launched its own Youth Advisory Council.

Recent Youth Leadership Activities

OneVoice Youth Leaders Meet with Martin Luther King III in Jerusalem
In Gaza, OneVoice Palestine has held four town hall meetings over the past three weeks in Jabalia, Bait Hanoun, Bait Lahia and Dear El-Balah reaching over 150 people. Our town hall meetings focus on talking about the issues pertaining to a two state resolution and the challenges civil society needs to overcome to achieve peace.
Click here to see some pictures from the town hall meetings in Gaza.
Here in the UK...
We're delighted to announce that Hitham Kayali joins the UK team as our Director for Outreach and Education. Prior to joining OneVoice in the UK Hitham completed his MA degree in Peace and Reconciliation at Coventry University and has previously been involved with OneVoice when he was in Palestine as well as working for Middle East Non-violence and Democracy (MEND) and Amnesty International. Hitham will continue to build on work already undertaken to promote OneVoice's message on UK University Campuses, countering polarisation and deteriorating community relations fostered by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We'd also like to welcome Jake Hayman back to the UK after three years based out of OneVoice's New York office. Jake will be continuing to work at the heart of OneVoice's development as a paid consultant and we also wish him luck on the business venture he's starting alongside his work at OneVoice.
Upcoming Events

As One Voice seek to build UK-based support networks for our teams in the Middle East, we will be holding our next youth leadership training seminars in the UK on April 24th and 25th in Coventry. If you know any great 18- 30 year olds feel free to nominate them! Please also get in touch with Hitham,, to organise an event in your own community.


Common Purpose said...

The UK is neglecting its leadership pipeline – don’t neglect your own and apply for a free place on leadership development programme

New research has found that many of the UK’s young leaders are being overlooked. A survey of 1,200 people by international leadership development organisation Common Purpose has found that less that half of people receive leadership development before the age of 25. This is despite the fact that over half of respondents said they had wanted leadership development at a younger age.

To address this problem, Common Purpose is expanding Frontrunner, its leadership development programme for the UK’s young adults. The Frontrunner programme uses real-life situations as its classroom. Participants are taken to a diverse range of organisations where they explore the problems they are facing, alongside the people who are tackling them. This is a rare chance to explore what is required to lead effectively with people already leading change in society. Participants also gain a stimulating new peer network of other leaders across the UK.

There are over 100 free places on the programme and the application process is now open to people over the age of 18, who may be in full-time education or are in the very early stages of their career, and who have already shown evidence of leadership.

Frontrunner is a residential course that will be held four times in 2009:
• 22-25 June 2009 in London
• 13-16 July 2009 in Leeds
• 2-5 September 2009 in Bristol
• 7-10 September 2009 in Belfast

The deadline for the Leeds and London Frontrunner programmes is 27 April 2009. The deadline for the Bristol and Belfast programme is 27 July 2009. The short application process can be found online: or email for further details.

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