Yes we can!

We'd like to congratulate Compass members Lillian Greenwood and Chuka Umunna on winning their respective Labour selections in Nottingham South and Streatham. We would also like to thank everyone at Compass Youth who campaigned for them to get selected - next them we'll be campaigning for you!

Lillian is an active UNISON official in the East Midlands who's campaigned successfully on a range of issues including women's rights; anti racism; public sector pensions and funding for the health service. This are some the issues she stands for here.

Chuka an employment lawyer by profession is on Compass's Management Committee and Compass Youth member (see here and what he stands for there), he's probably best known for his stellar performance on Question Time.

Now the real campaign to get them elected begins - both will make exemplary Labour candidates. We look forward to working with them for greater democracy and equality both inside and outside Parliament.