Why do you support Ken?

There are loads of reasons to back Ken. We want you to tell us yours, because we want to try something new: a youtube advert for Ken, made by Ken's supporters.

Here's how it works. Call 0203-051-3247 to record a message about why you support Ken, or click here to submit your comments, and we'll use your words to create a film for the campaign.

I support Ken for loads of reasons - but his work promoting the London Living Wage is the thing I always mention when I'm out campaigning.

I also mention that crime is down in London for the fifth consecutive year, and Ken's new policing manifesto will add 1,000 new police to continue this downward trend.

Others point to Ken's role in winning the Olympics, the congestion charge, or his commitment to build more affordable homes. Many supporters like the fact that he's independent-minded. Some people I speak to just can't stand the idea of having a throwback like Boris Johnson in charge.

Whatever your reason for supporting Ken we want to hear from you. Your messages and recordings may be used in future campaign emails, videos, or speeches - so please support Ken by getting in touch.

Call 0203-051-3247 to tell the campaign why you support Ken Livingstone, or click here to send in your comments.


Anonymous said...

The video is interesting. I managed to find in that clip TWO people who openly supported Ken and ONE person who openly questioned Boris running for Mayor.

Your 'loads of reasons' to support Ken, on closer inspection appears to show nothing but general statements about London.

Plus a 'throwback'? Boris is one of the most progressive libertarian politicians in Britain, while Ken has cronies running TfL, the LDA et al - openly calls London his 'personal fiefdom', and panders to Islamic extremists.

The only 'throwback' in this election is Ken, using the politics of division to carry out his bolshevik vision for London. He'd be better suited to taking over from his buddy Castro than running this city for the next four years.