We’re all Londoners - Campaign session to mobilise the EU vote for Ken

Monday 31 March and Thursday April 3

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Meeting at London Labour HQ, 39 Victoria Street, London (how to get there)

Help prevent the BNP from gaining a seat on the London assembly by helping to increase EU citizens' turnout with a campaign session organised by the Labour Movement for Europe (London & South East).

People who work in London, pay taxes in London, commute in London, raise families in London, should be made aware of their right to have a say in how London is run.

But EU Citizens living in the UK are four times less likely to be on the electoral register than UK citizens. So by activating the EU vote you help the integration of non-British EU citizens into British society.

In the case of London, this means contributing to London functioning better for everybody who lives here.

This phone bank organised by the Labour Movement for Europe (London & South East) will also enable you to meet (other) centre left activists living in London who come from across Europe.

We will provide a full script and a brief training sessions for those who have never done this before.

All you need to bring is yourself and motivation to encourage EU citizens to come out and vote on May 1st!

For more information get in touch with David Schoibl:


07976 252 768


Spread the word on and offline

  • Pledge europeanvoters’ to 60022 (in the UK only)
  • Sign this pledge in Facebook


Anonymous said...

So what your saying is people who were not born in Britain, EU citizens to disenfranchise British Subjects.

Keep trying.

Anonymous said...

your never gonna stop the bnp, you lot, uaf, searchlight, the trade unions, rock against racism - red ken, commie galloway , your gonna take one hell of a beating, metaphorically.

Why dont you lot STAND against the BNP?
Guess we all know why eh?
Coz your useless.

National Front said...

Migrants may be IN London but will never, EVER be OF London.

I see the pro-migrant lobby's lies have been "torn to shreds" today. Shame.

Can you feel the screw turning?