The red-green coalition: citizens united against Porsche

The challenge of greening our city is that we have to tackle tomorrow's problems today, as well as protecting the standard of living right now.

Ken has just launched his environment manifesto. His proposals will help us lead the fight against climate change, and also work on improving air quality, access to green space, and tackling litter: issues that make a big difference to our everyday lives.

Today's launch puts the £25 gas guzzler charge at the heart of the election debate.

Porsche don't want their drivers to pay the CO2 charge and have decided to sue in the courts to stop it. Instead of trying to stop voters from deciding on this issue, they should produce cars with lower emissions.

Stand up here to the polluters by joining Ken in telling Porsche withdraw their legal challenge:

Those people who choose to drive their gas-guzzlers into central London despite other cheaper and cleaner transport options should pay for the disproportionate damage to our environment they cause. Ken will use the money we raise from the charge to continue the investment in public transport.

We will only be able to bring in this radical change if voters back Ken Livingstone on polling day - and to make that happen we need the help of every single supporter across the city.

Voters can back Ken and the Green candidate Sian Berry if they want the CO2 charge, or they can back Boris Johnson if they want to ditch the scheme. But it should be up to the voters to decide.

Join him here in telling Porsche to withdraw their legal challenge:

The environment is Ken Livingstone's passion. In 2005, he was asked to chair the C40 Cities, a leadership group of the world's largest cities committed to tacking climate change. This initiative was further strengthened when the C40 formed a partnership with President Clinton's Climate Initiative in 2006.

In contrast, Boris Johnson is one of the least environment-friendly politicians in Britain. Boris Johnson has dismissed the gas guzzler charge as "bonkers." He called the Low Emission Zone "the most punitive, draconian fining regime in the whole of Europe". He even backed George W. Bush in opposing the Kyoto Treaty.

We must stand up to Boris Johnson and his friends at Porsche. Please join Ken here in calling on Porsche to ditch their legal challenge against the CO2 charge.


magik said...

I dont think its right to encourage people to drop a legal case; the rule of law governs this country and is what keeps politicians in check, you cant pick and choose the law - otherwise we ould end up in putin's russia or sadeem's iraq. If Ken is proposing an illegal tax then it needs to be withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

In the U.S. this would be called "political suicide." It remains to be seen how it will turn out in England, but the thousands of spy cams you folks across the pond have deployed to watch your citizens doesn't give me any hope. The Earth is getting warmer, people need to get used to it and not pretend you can try to stop everyone from living their lives in the meantime.