The European Union has a huge influence on everything from the food we eat, tourism, tackling climate change and our national security. Yet for most it is a distant institution about which they know very little.

People and Politics Day Europe is the largest event of its kind in the UK. We aimed to bring together 2,000 young people with some of the biggest names in politics as well as campaign organisers and youth groups. It has been designed to complement citizenship education and political studies for Key Stages 4 and 5.

The aim of the day is to make citizenship education personal, focussing on how the European Union influences all our daily lives. It is a unique opportunity for young people from around the UK to engage with senior political figures and to experience politics in a way which is real to them. We will be exploring what is and is not decided at an EU level, the implications for Britain’s own government and what role Britain plays in influencing it.

Amisha Ghadiali, a social entrepreneur from Compass Youth asks "we need your voice!"

How did it go?

The day was split in two. In the morning we held two main question and answer sessions with a panel of politicians and campaigners on how Europe affects our daily lives and the role Europe has in tackling global issues. In the afternoon we held a series of different debates on specific topics, ranging from crime through to climate change.

In addition, we had an exhibition area in which we will be inviting political parties, campaign organisations and other organisations with an interest political engagement and
education to provide participants with information.

People and Politics Day was organised by Unlock Democracy. The European Commission, the Electoral Reform Society, the Ministry of Justice and the Parliamentary Education Service have supported this project.