Samuel Tarry Compass Youth Chair said: "Compass Youth has from the outset been very internationalist in perspective. We have sent member's to campaign in France, Sweden, Spain and to speak at the PASOK Youth Congress in Greece. We even have a member currently campaigning for Barack Obama in the United States.

We have been in touch with many fraternal youth organisations and NGO's across the world, including the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) and ECOSY. Our work and politics has attracted interest from across the world.

One young and innovative comrade from Nepal; Sajan Baiju, has been in touch and written an article for us updating us on the current political situation in Nepal and the political struggles going on there. He has been key in setting up Nepal's 'Creative Youth Organisation' an empowering force that helps out in practical ways to help people rebuild their lives, fight illness, and increase education facilities in the aftermath of political struggle.

He told me that 'Creative Youth' are" a youth organisation working in the fields of youth development, their participation in development of peace, skill trainings for youths, we also work in preservation of environment, eco-system and cultural heritage. "

Here in his own words he describes the situation and the current activities of Nepal's 'Creative Youth'. Compass Youth salutes the work 'Creative Youth' are doing and offers its hand in solidarity"


Nepal is in a critical condition in this present context, the political instability and protest with different demands have been a big issue in Nepal. After 19 days long fights for democratic Nepal, people gain a New Nepali government ruled by Prime Minister “GRIJA PRASAD KOIRALA” along with 8 alliance parties after losing 18 people during the protest against the king. Now Nepali government has declared the election this April and they are facing many problems so the Nepalese peoples. With the demands and complaints from different peoples Nepal is facing problems which can ruin the election.

Now Terai has been a big issue in Nepal. Terai people came up with their own demand of independent Terai and protesting against the government from last 20 days. Terai is the food house of Nepal and the main point for import of many essential commodities like petroleum products, food products, wooden materials and other daily useable goods. After the protest and road blockage these things have been shortage in city areas. After the shortage of petroleum products less vehicle are running in the road. People have to walk a long distance and schools, colleges are closed which have direct effects in education of students. Prices of commodities have risen steeply and poverty is increasing in lower class family.

In the other hand, Terai is still in protest and many people are injured and 4 of them lost their lives and hundred of them are homeless. Government is in table talks with parties in Terai but it has been an unsuccessful attempt. Many diseases have made a big space in Terai region and people are ignoring it. Many children’s and old age people are suffering from diarrhea, cholera, influenza, pneumonia, encephalitis and other diseases.

This protest has brought many negative consequences and can be very dangerous in near future if it is not solved.


· Established 4 health camps in different region of Terai, taking care of healths of people settling in camps after being homeless.

· Running awareness campaign about health and diseases.

· Making temporary camps for homeless people and providing them with food, medicine and clothes.

· Running educational camp for those who want to study and giving small scale skill training inside the camps like making candles, detergent soaps, incense sticks.


Creative youth organisation Nepal is planning to build a home and a school for the homeless people who have been disbursed from their home by different reasons. Aawahan Samuha, Srijana Manch Nepal is collaborating with CYON to help building this home. Every other effort from international community for building this home would be a great help.

We would look forward for the hand of co-operation from your organisation and work together for common motive.

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