Register for the Spanish elections and help us campaign for Zapatero!

Call out to all Spanish voters, if you haven't added yourself on the consultate immatriculation, go to the consulate before the 9th February with your DNI/passport and a passport photo to register. At the same time, ask the consulate for papers to register to vote. They will the send you by the post the relevant documentation.

You can send your vote by recorded delivery before the 9th March

In the PSOE manifesto, there are several European proposals
  • the introduction of a European framework directive on public services
  • strengthening workers’ rights, notably through the revision of European law on worker information and consultation
  • a common European migration policy, defining integration policies, the fight against human trafficking and illegal migration and favouring legal migration
  • the creation of a common border police
  • regulating hedge funds and tackling financial speculation
  • promoting the creation of an Alliance of Civilisations at global level
  • introducing a solidarity mechanism for energy supply

The PES Manifesto site relates another very interesting proposal here to fight “brain drain” from the developing world is that every time Spain receives a highly skilled immigrant, like a doctor, from a developing country, the Spanish government should pay for the education and training of another highly skilled worker from that country to replace him/her. This reflects the widespread problem in Africa of doctors, nurses and other vital professionals leaving to take better paid jobs in Europe (eg. until recently there were more Malawian doctors in Manchester than in the whole of Malawi – their doctors can now be found working across the UK and other EU countries, leaving Malawi with 2 doctors for every 100,000 Malawians!).

PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen says, “We cannot have a Social Europe without a Social Spain”!

Compass Youth will be helping campaign with the Young Spanish Socialists and PES Activists in Spain. See here for more details.

But what ideas can we take from the PSOE Manifesto and adapt for the PES Manifesto and even the Labour Party Manifesto?