PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen leads a European Socialist delegation to Washington and New York to meet leading US Democrats.

He will be there on SuperTuesday when 22 states choose between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for their candidate for the Presidential elections.

Yourspace – the PES manifesto consultation – will be reporting interactively from the delegation. You can put your questions to the delegation – or make a comment – which will be answered in the Yourspace blogs from America!

Yourspace will be blogging on what the delegation found out about the Democrats policy agenda, what that means for the PES and our manifesto for the 2009 European elections, what are the prospects for the PES and US Democrats to make the world a better place? But what questions would you like addressed by the delegation?

Sam Tarry Chair of Compass Youth has already asked: "I would like to know about how real progressives get involved in politics in the USA when the whole of US politics is so far to the right of European and even British politics? Do people who are more progressive get involved in community politics? Do they instead get involved in Trades Unions? Are there any people who believe in social democracy in the USA? How do they campaign to make it a reality? Is it around issues like bringing in universal health care? Something that doesn't exist there currently but many of us in Europe and in the UK take as a human right."

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