Going green - How we can save our planet? 26th March

Wednesday 26th March at 6.30 - 8.30 pm

Camden Town Hall Council Chamber

Climate change is one of the most dramatic problems of our time. The world must reduce greenhouse gasses or face irreversible effects of global warming. The cost of doing nothing will be far higher than effective action now. But the actions Europe can take to combat climate change will have other benefits: renewable energy and energy efficiency will create jobs and offer new economic opportunities. A comprehensive response is required: in all policies from energy and transport to foreign and security policy; at national and European levels as well as local; by Governments, business and consumers. The PES has "A new EU energy strategy" but we need to go beyond that, and we need to agree on some top priorities for European action. We need Europe to take a global lead as well as putting its own house in order.

Join us at the second of our PES Manifesto debates, with a fantastic range of speakers confirmed:

Robert Evans MEP
Andreas Helle, Political Advisor on Climate Change for the PES
Andrew Parkers, Co-Chair of SERA
Murad Qureshi AM
Jonathan Clarke, Labour Movement for Europe (LSE)

Before the debate, join in the debate around the questions below and submit your ideas here!

We will be putting together all the ideas submitted both online and submitting them to the PES Manifesto!

  1. What priorities and policies should the EU pursue for sustainable development and the fight against global warming in the period 2009-14?
  2. How can Europe help developing countries to reduce CO2 emissions?
  3. How can Europe reduce its dependence on fossil fuel?
  4. What can citizens do to fight global warming? And how should the EU encourage its citizens to take action?
  5. How can we combine sustainable economic growth with tackling climate change?
  6. Which economic and tax incentives will ease the transition to a low carbon economy?
  7. What are the key technological areas for a green industrial revolution?
  8. How can we organize the right mix of private and public investment, citizen’s choices and political leadership for effective sustainable development and climate change policies?
We aim to make connections that will keep the PES in touch with the most dynamic and innovative thinking, but also enhance mutual understanding between Europeans. Through our series of debates, we will actively encourage participants to share their insights but also put forward innovative ideas and practical solutions to each of the four manifesto themes. Through this, we hope to promote a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people's everyday lives.

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