Chuka 4 Streatham - Yes we can!

Just to let you know that Streatham Labour Party’s equivalent of our primaries and caucuses are now over and Chuka Umunna has come out clearly in the lead. He has secured nominations from every single party unit – that is every Streatham Labour Party branch (there are 6), our Women’s Forum, our Ethnic Minorities Forum and our Young Labour section. No other candidate has done this. He has also secured nominations from the two UNISON branches, in addition to GMB and the parliamentary branch of the T&G section of the Unite – they are all affiliates to our party.

This puts him in a very strong position going forward in the final four weeks of the selection campaign, which has seen a whole host of local residents, members, and big wigs like Guardian journalist Polly Toynbee, Jon Cruddas MP and Skills Minister David Lammy MP have all come out in support of what we are trying to do here. He is now working to ensure I win the final prize on Saturday 15 March (our 4 November) – the hustings and count.

He would like to thank you so much for all your support and help to date. He says "I simply could not do this without all your help and support - as I keep saying, this campaign is not really about "me", its about "we" (the collective "we" being a concept that Labour needs to give much more emphasis to in this consumer obsessed society of ours!)". You can keep up to date with the campaign here.