Why vote Chuka for Streatham?

We are campaigning for Compass Youth member, Chuka Umunna to be selected as Parliamentary Prospective Candidate for Streatham. If you want to support Chuka click here. Why?

1. A Local Boy

He is the only candidate standing in this parliamentary selection who grew up, went to school and (save for a brief stint away at University) has lived in Streatham all his life.

2. An Effective Campaigner

He has campaigned in every general, regional, European and local election since 1997 - both in Streatham and other parts of the country. As Vice Chair of Streatham CLP, he was actively involved in the planning of Streatham Labour’s general election campaign. Alongside his political campaigning, Ihe campaigns on youth issues - being a trustee of local and national youth charities – and has fought for greater diversity in employment, be it greater ethnic diversity in his own profession or to break down discriminatory obstacles to employment more widely.

3. An Experienced Representative

As a solicitor working in the employment law field, he represents and advocates on behalf of individuals and organisations every working day. Locally, he has assisted Keith with his advice surgeries for the past two years. He has also helped Skills Minister David Lammy at his surgeries when he worked for him some years ago.

4. A Member Focussed Candidate

Harold Wilson said “the Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing”. Labour party members are the glue that holds this project together; it is they who ground the party in the communities it seeks to serve. This is why he strongly believes that members should be given a voice, as well as a vote. He has a track record of increasing member involvement – as Streatham CLP’s membership secretary over the last 4 years, he has tried to ensure that members are at the forefront of CLP activities and are listened to. Those of you who know him will know that he is someone who strives to proceed by consensus, as opposed to dictat.

5. A Team Labour Player

Working with local, regional and national decision makers to get the best for Streatham. In his role as a trustee of a local charity, he has worked and negotiated with senior officers of Lambeth’s Council. He has also worked with Labour officials and special advisors at 10 Downing Street, government departments and the Greater London Authority. In March 2006 he helped draft a speech which Tony Blair gave in the Streatham constituency, whilst still Prime Minister. Recently, he has also advised Gordon Brown on the key issues concerning the Black community as he prepared for interviews with the ‘Voice’ newspaper and other well established and popular selling publications from the ethnic media.

6. Someone with a Life Outside of Politics

Most of the people we want to represent do not live and breathe politics. He spent several years working in the world of business and commerce, domestically and internationally. His work as an employment law solicitor has taken him into various sectors and workplaces working for different employees (from the secretary to the Chief Executive) and employers (from the small family run shop to the multinational company). His charitable work has exposed him to other areas too.

7. A Winner

The local Liberal Democrats have picked a prospective parliamentary candidate that we know he can beat. He has a history of working hard to achieve his goals. He would relish working with Streatham’s members, our activists, our councillors, and the wider Streatham community, to hold our parliamentary seat for Labour and help Gordon Brown deliver a historic fourth term that Britain needs.

Watch his epic performance on Question Time here