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Compass Youth aims to reach across the media, in pioneering innovative ways of promoting your ideas and activities!

We need to develop a deep understanding of the political and social issues so that we can organise for action in a way that ensures our campaigns influence not only Parliament but also our communities.

We want our agenda to be shaped not just by us, but by you! This will offer a chance for you to help us identify the up-and-coming causes we need to address.

Too often policy discussions and debates are unexciting and formulaic. We want to inspire energy and enthusiasm to the political debate, we want to share this enthusiasm and encourage it to develop not only within Compass Youth but with our “progressive soulmates” locally and across Europe – unlocking the conversations of the future.

Given that the progressive left is out of breath in Europe in the face of the increasing cultural hegemony of the right, it is critical that we work together on the ideas and the actions needed to deliver change.

We will build coalitions on key issues through a “global reach, local impact” approach. Every major issue (and solution) has global reach and every global issue has local impact. Through better networking with our young political activities abroad, we can share learning on campaigning, finding local solutions to global issues and promoting a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people’s everyday lives.

We have shows from different countries and campaigns across Europe. We also have a participative show where you can help submit ideas to the PES manifesto by video!

Hover your mouse over the top left hand corner of the screen and click on the channel guide.

Watch this space for more on Compass Youth TV - if you want to talk about an issue important to you and your community from a social democratic perspective or just about how you are living out your democratic and socialist values in you community then we want to hear about it! Contact for more information about filming.