Join us in Spain to help campaign for Zapatero!

Compass Youth has organised a range of international activities throughout the year. We have built links with comrades right across Europe, campaigning in France, Ireland and Sweden and invited to the PASOK Youth Congress, the most popular youth conference in Europe to speak and provide advice on defeating the far right across Europe.

Compass Youth organised the International Youth Plenary at the 2007 Compass Conference, bringing delegates from different national youth organisations and comrades representing the International Union of Socialist Youth together to debate and educate about the role of youth movements in taking global action on issues common to young people worldwide.

Given that the progressive left is out of breath in Europe in the face of the increasing cultural hegemony of the right, it is critical that we work together on the ideas and the actions needed to deliver change.

We build coalitions on key issues through a "global reach, local impact" approach. Every major issue (and solution) has global reach and every global issue has local impact. Through better networking with our young political activities abroad, we can share learning on campaigning, finding local solutions to global issues and promoting a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people's everyday lives.

We have developed a campaign model whereby our "progressive soulmates" across Europe can regularly help each other win elections around Europe as well as prepare for the European elections in 2009.

Fight for a Zapatero Socialist Victory in Spain!

Now young socialists from all over Europe are invited to take part in the Spanish national elections campaign! Leading up to Election Day (9 March) young activists will be campaigning together with the Spanish young socialists, PSOE Youth - promoting Zapatero's vision on Europe through conferences and meetings. The costs for the trip and stay of the 20 participants will be covered.

It's a life time experience and a great way to expand your network to PES activists and young socialists. Already campaigns in Ireland and France have shown that an international exchange mixes fun, political action dedication and an experience you will never forget!

It's great that Compass Youth have a contribution to make in fighting for a Zapatero victory in Spain! If you speak Spanish, are between 18 and 25 years old and a member of a socialist party don't hesitate to send your application by 1 February