During the year Compass Youth will be undertaking a consultation in conjunction with LME LSE and the Party of European Socialists to come up with some ideas to contribute towards the upcoming PES manifesto release.

Through PES Activists, the Your Space manifesto helps make connections that will keep social democratic parties in touch with the most creative, dynamic and innovative thinking in politics, but also enhance mutual understanding between activists across Europe and with our own communities.

If you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment; otherwise, please attend our upcoming events.

YourSpace means that the PES agenda won't just be shaped by the leadership of our national parties but by all members. Not only that it will also be inspired by people with an interest in what we do and who want to participate. This creative space will offer a chance for all to help us identify the up-and-coming policy challenges we need to address. This is why we, as PES activists have a great opportunity and a great responsibility - to engage those around us, our friends, families and neighbours to join the debate so that we can build support across the European electorate because we will have reflected the needs of all our citizens

This manifesto will inspire energy and enthusiasm to the political debate and we want to share this enthusiasm and encourage it to develop within our parties and beyond, in our societies.