2007 has been a busy year for the dedicated team of activists who have worked to get Compass Youth off the ground, beginning with the launch of the wAGE discrimination campaign calling for an end to the discrimination in setting the wage rate for young people under the National Minimum Wage, and culminating in the first elections to the inaugural Compass Youth Organising Committee.

Compass Youth in 2006/2007 built links with comrades in the Swedish SSU where Compass Youth members fought in the last Swedish General Election, Compass Youth also sent members to France to help campaign for Ségolène Royal in the French Presidential Elections, and have been to Greece to represent Compass and deliver a speech and advice on defeating the far right across Europe at the Pan Hellenic Socialist Movement's Youth Congress attended by 5000 young delegates.

Compass Youth organised the International Youth Plenary at the 2007 Compass Conference, bringing delegates from PASOK - Greece, SSU - Sweden, Desirs d'Avenir - France, and comrades representing the International Union of Socialist Youth together to debate and educate about the role of youth movements in taking global action on issues common to young people worldwide.

Compass Youth have also been involved campaigning for peace in the Middle East through close work with One Voice, the fastest growing Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution group with over 350,000 grassroots members. Compass Youth helped bring together sympathetic Compass MP's, grassroots NGO's and civic society organisations for a UK based rally and global video link up in support of One Voice.

August 2007 saw the first election held to the Compass Youth Organising Committee, formally constituting itself after having functioned as an ad-hoc Compass Youth management committee for nearly under the steady hand of David Floyd.

Duly elected onto 2007/2008 CYOC were:

Samuel Tarry, Daniel Elton, Tom Miller, Noel Hatch, Amisha Ghadiali, Michael Speer, Muhammad Khan, Yue Ting Cheng, Emmanuel De Lange and Jenna Khalfan.

Too ensure fair gender balance on the Compass Youth Organising Committee two other designated women’s positions were to be filled through a process of Co-Option to the CYOC, the first of which has been filled by Gemma Tumelty - President of the National Union of Students. Discussions are still underway to fill the remaining position, any suggestions for co-option should be sent to

Two formal positions were created on the CYOC - Firstly; Chair of Compass Youth, to give vision, leadership, direction and be a spokesperson to champion the radical social democratic agenda of Compass Youth, Secondly; Compass Youth Secretary, to ensure the efficient administration of the Committee and ensure that the Compass Youth vision is driven forward at all times.

Duly elected to these positions were:

Compass Youth Chair - Samuel Tarry
Phone: +447971819830

Compass Youth Secretary - Daniel Elton
Phone: +447843059283

Two CYOC members were given portfolios to develop Compass Youth's strength in two areas - Yue Ting Cheng to develop stronger links with Trades Unions and Trades Union youth sections, and Noel Hatch to continue to develop the Internationalist perspective that Compass Youth has adopted over the past year creating stronger links with Social Democrats across Europe and the Globe.

The Compass Youth Organising Committee would like to extend our warm thanks to David Floyd who had been the Provisional Chair of Compass Youth until this point, whom without his dedication and hard work Compass Youth might not have moved forward so much over the past year. Our thanks are also extended to those who have worked hard behind the scenes over the past year and been at one point or another on the ad-hoc Compass Youth Committee. We know that you will continue to support us as we build Compass Youth and take the struggle to build a new social democratic society forward.

The year ahead is an exciting one for Compass Youth, with plans to build on our work with One Voice, the launching of a new campaign, and plans to take the battle of ideas out to university Labour clubs up and down the country with a heavyweight Compass Youth speaker list, and of course more international expeditions including a summer school hosted by Social Democratic comrades in Sweden.

To get more involved as an activist, or for help setting up a branch or chapter of Compass Youth in your area then get in touch with the new Chair or Secretary