One million voices to end the conflict

OneVoice organised its One Million Voices to End the Conflict campaign at last month’s Annapolis Peace Summit.

A OneVoice delegation of staff and volunteers joined in Annapolis to deliver a symbolic OneVoice Mandate representing the 600,000 + Mandates signed by Israelis and Palestinians as part of OneVoice’s campaigns. There had been fear that the only voices being heard in Annapolis would be those who stood against not just these negotiations but also the very idea of delivering a viable Two State solution.

At Annapolis, the OneVoice delegation was the loudest to be heard and received significant media coverage. Please see for an interview on CNN and for some pictures.

The declaration that came out of Annapolis – a commitment from the leaders to “engage in vigorous, ongoing and continuous negotiations, and…make every effort to conclude an agreement before the end of 2008" was a real endorsement of the content of OneVoice’s mandate demanding leaders "immediately commence uninterrupted negotiations until reaching an agreement, within one year, for a Two State Solution, fulfilling the consistent will of the overwhelming majority of both populations."

The hard work begins today, December 12th, with the first meeting between the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams in Jerusalem. We’re launching 11 electronic animations on billboards across Israel and Palestine as part of a public awareness campaign to engage the citizens in this process and will be consulting with our Young Leaders in the UK as to how we can bring this message home to our own government as the teams in the Middle East begin to mobilize again, to drive the agenda again, from the ground.

One Voice would like to thank everyone at this time for the huge amount of support that came in since October and are looking forward to publicly launching a completed programmatic plan for the next 12 months in January as well as details of some readjustments to strengthen the organization in the run up to this critical year.