A new chapter? Terrorism, Liberty and the War on Terror - A truly progressive response?

Equality, Democracy and Freedom are some of the key ideas around which the politics and campaigns of Compass Youth is built. The so called ‘war on terror’ has challenged some long held and fundamental freedoms and values raising the question of freedom from and freedom too. Young people have been at the raw end of the war on terror; from the bungled arrest and shooting of an innocent young Muslim in East London or the execution style killing of a Brazilian migrant to highly controversial ‘stop and search’ tactics on the streets or the unabated rise of Islamaphobic sentiment in the mainstream press which has lead to racist attacks through to the radicalisation of young people during the war on terror and consequent extremism. Compass Youth is aiming to provide the space to debate what a truly progressive response to terrorism and the ‘war on terror’ is and how we can together write a new progressive chapter built on community solidarity, internationalism and liberty.

Compass Youth Debate: A New Chapter? Forging a truly progressive response to the threat of terrorism

When: Tues 11th December 7pm

Where: Committee Room 16, Houses of Parliament

Book your place: email Michael at michael.speer@gmail.com

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Craig Murray (former Ambassador in Uzbekistan who resigned over the War on Terror)

Peter Facey (Director of Unlock Democracy)

Gavin Hayes (Compass General Secretary)

Sabina Fredliani (Liberty Campaigns Co-ordinator)
Lord Ahmed (First Muslim Peer)

This meeting will explore:

How do we reconcile the need to provide for security and at the same time defend civil liberties?

How do we reach out to young progressives in communities that feel alienated by the 'war on terror'?

How can we win 'hearts and minds' in the fight against extremism?

How do we entrench civil liberties in the UK?

Can extending pre-charge detention be justified?