I Love NHS - Compass Youth on Demo

A strong turnout from Compass Youth members on the Trades Union NHS Together demonstration saw Compass Youth joined by young Trades Unionist comrades and the Chair of London Young Labour as well as young health workers and medical students from Medsin. NHS Together brings together all the health service unions and staff associations together with the TUC. It's a new campaign alliance of health staff. The aim is to raise the alarm at what is happening to the NHS and to press the government for honest and open discussion about its reform agenda. Compass has been at the forefront of pushing for public services based on public value not private profit.

Chair of Compass Youth Sam Tarry commented: "Its time to make a stand to defend the NHS, one of the great institutions we should be proud of as a progressive advance that enhances equality. However its founding principles of free health care for all are being scrapped for a business model of health care for profit. We all need the NHS, as a patient or as a hard working NHS staff member. We know the public supports the NHS in a big way, so lets make sure the government knows this! This is our chance to stand up for what we believe in and demand the end to cut backs and privatisation. Lets not be the generation that stood there and watched while the NHS was destroyed."