EU Citizens for London


There are over one million non-British EU citizens living in the UK, a very large percentage of them in and around London, over 10%. However, they are more than four times less likely to be registered for elections than British citizens.

Why should I register to vote?

Voting is the basic right and expression of participation in the democratic process. Encouraging EU citizens to vote in the UK in elections in which they are entitled to vote means everyone can help influence their local area on issues that matter to them, such as good transport, affordable housing, clean streets, etc.

Why should I vote?

In addition to freedom of movement of labour, we have to recognise the freedom of movement of people’s rights, encouraging EU citizens to not only contribute economically in a place of their choice within Europe, but also to contribute socially, culturally and politically. Only in this way can we make Europe work on a local level.


What are my rights?

All non-British EU citizens are eligible to vote and stand in:
o Local government elections
o Elections for regional tiers of government, as in Scotland, Wales and London
o European Parliament elections

But not in general elections (except for the Irish and Cypriots).


Why are we campaigning for this?

o Strengthen our bonds with European citizens
o Keep in touch with the realities of London
o Enable all our citizens to contribute politically and economically

The very large numbers of potential EU voters in London and the South East provide a huge opportunity to strengthen the bonds between European citizens. It could also enable us to engage with new communities, pilot new methods of communicating, and keeping in touch with the realities of London.

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has always championed the contribution of foreign citizens to making London one of the most popular cities in the world. While the Conservatives and UKIP campaign against European integration, while the BNP campaign against foreign citizens coming to England, he has constantly campaigned against racist and anti-European parties.

o Reducing bus fares and free bus passes for school children, pensioners and the disabled
o Low emissions zone to cut air pollution
o Increased the minimum wage to a living wage
o Won the right for London to host the 2012 Olympic Games
o Cut overall crime by over 6%
o Pledged a 50% increase in the delivery of affordable London homes

What can I do?

o Register with your local authority to be an eligible voter
o Tell your EU friends, family and colleagues that they can register to vote
o Encourage local councils to maximise registration and participation of EU voters
o Encourage Labour councils to take this statutory duty seriously and put pressure on other councils through members’ questions to do the same.

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