Your space for progressive soulmates

We have organised a range of international activities throughout the year. We have built links with comrades right across Europe, campaigning in national elections, speaking at rallies or organising local initiatives.

Compass Youth organised the International Youth Plenary at the 2007 Compass Conference, bringing delegates from different national youth organisations and comrades representing the International Union of Socialist Youth together to debate and educate about the role of youth movements in taking global action on issues common to young people worldwide.

We have also involved Compass Youth in campaigning for peace in the Middle East through our close work with One Voice, the fastest growing Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution group with over 350,000 grassroots members. We helped bring together sympathetic Compass MPs, grassroots NGOs and civic society organisations for a UK based rally and global video link up in support of One Voice.

Given that the progressive left is out of breath in Europe in the face of the increasing cultural hegemony of the right, it is critical that we work together on the ideas and the actions needed to deliver change.

We will build coalitions on key issues through a “global reach, local impact” approach. Every major issue (and solution) has global reach and every global issue has local impact. Through better networking with our "progressive soulmates" abroad, we can share learning on campaigning, finding local solutions to global issues and promoting a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people’s everyday lives. We are therefore keen and proud to participate in the consultation for the PES manifesto Your Space.


  • Work with PES activists to engage with young “progressive expats” here in the UK as the eyes and ears of their progressive parties back home while being accessible to join Compass Youth here, particularly in participating in the PES consultation Yourspace
  • Help LME to organise political integration initiatives like getting out the EU vote in the next London elections – sending out a message of integration to newcomers and tapping into a “hidden electorate” who are eligible to vote
  • Link Desirs d'Avenir to build on our campaign exchanges and develop learning exchanges/summer academies with SSU
  • Develop international campaigns on issues that cross borders, such as One Voice but also new links and partnerships that we build with the next generation of "progressive soulmates"
  • Enhance our campaign model and campaign with “progressive PES activist soulmates” so we can help each other win elections around Europe as well as prepare for the European elections in 2009.

...But most importantly, working with you, wherever you are, because it's your space. Come and dance, join the social democratic revolution and help us shape a better future.


PES - said...

Hello Compass Youth

Sorry to get back so late on this post. But thanks a lot for mentioning Yourspace! I'll make a short post about you during tomorrow. Looking forward to your input for the PES manifesto!